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How did I become a beer nerd? Well, I mean I’ve always been a nerd about other things, so I guess it really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. However, I hadn’t even consumed any alcohol until I got to college. Of course I started with basically whatever I could get my hands on. So it was generally crap. Cheap crap.

Once it was a little easier for me to acquire alcohol, I began to expand my horizons. I really never enjoyed light beer. I just didn’t understand it. It tasted like water and was about as effective in getting me drunk. Being from Central PA, I ended up drinking a lot of Yuengling and eventually a lot of Lions Head. When travelling abroad or when someone was offering, I’d gladly drink a Guinness. In fact, I really loved Guinness. It had so much more to offer than anything else I knew. Little did I know there was so much MORE out there that I was missing.

To be honest, I’m not sure how it all really happened. A sample pack here. A brewpub there. All of a sudden, I just wanted more. I wanted to try everything, and so I did. Just like other things I really truly love I jumped in and just kept swimming.

It’s funny how your tastes evolve and change too. I remember scrunching up my nose the first time I tried Starr Hill’s Northern Lights because I thought it was too hoppy. Now I drink a Palette Wrecker from Green Flash without batting an eye. I do love hops and bitter flavors, but I love a well-rounded IPA more than anything. Hopslam is my absolute favorite beer because it’s so well constructed and leaves little to the imagination. I certainly don’t discriminate though. Like I said, I’ve always loved a Guinness and that has definitely influenced my tastes as well. I will rarely turn down a nice try stout or a roasty porter.

My general philosophy in beer is that I will try anything once. You never know when something will amaze you and why miss the opportunity?

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  1. This is so funny because I just wrote a post on how I am all hopped out and I must clarify that even the most balanced IPAs are now too much. I drink all styles and I certasinly have consumed more IPAs than any other style. Maybe it’s just a case of too much of anything is too much. I am finding myself drinking more craft lagers. But Russian Imperials have a special place. Go Storm King

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