Maine Brewing Dinner – #30beersfor30years

30 beers for 30 years

We’re in the home stretch! 30 is just a few days away and the biggest concern I have right now is what will I wear? I spent about 45 minutes in the closet today trying on new dresses and skirts trying to find the perfect outfit to arrive at what I’ve been told is the golden age of my life. I’m not sure I’ve made my decision yet, but what I know is that I really like this beer I’m drinking.

maine brewing dinner

A few of Maine Brewing’s beers found their way into my fridge (thanks to some awesome friends), and tonight the choice was between Lunch, Dinner, or Woods and Water. Well I didn’t make us any dinner so Dinner it is! The beer poured with enthusiastic and thick foamy head and the first thing I said after sipping it was ‘oh that’s tasty’! It’s a hazy orange hue, pretty thick in body, and has a permeating grain flavor despite being a DIPA. I wouldn’t call this brew ‘malty’ though, but rather thick with grain. This gives it a slightly sweet finish, but it’s overpowered by the hops. It took me awhile to decide what type of hop flavor I was getting, and after a few sips, letting it rest in my mouth for a bit, and even aerating it in my mouth like wine I’ve decided it’s piney. But, ask me after I finish eating this spinach dip and maybe I’ll change my mind.

It says to drink it as fresh as possible – my bottle is dated 2/18/17. Should I have downed it sooner? I’m doing the best I can over here you guys! I still stick my initial reaction – it’s tasty! And the lacing it’s leaving on this glass isn’t half bad either.

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