Magic Hat Dream Machine IPL – Lager with a Hop Kick

Magic Hat Dream Machine IPL

A husband and wife beer review

Have you ever tried an India Pale Lager (IPL)? No? Well you’re not alone. Not many breweries make the hoppy lager style beer. But the idea of it had me intrigued. I love hoppy brews and I also don’t mind a malty lager from time to time. Smashing the two very different tastes together would have to be done just right to make it work – to strike the perfect balance of bitter with sweet, biscuity flavors.

Leave it to Magic Hat Brewing Co. to take on the challenge and launch their year-round IPL: Dream Machine. I’m generally a big fan of theirs. I love their bold, quirky brand and experimental brewing mindset.

Magic Hat Dream Machine IPL


Style: India Pale Lager (IPL)
Malts: Pale, Munich 20, C-40, C-120
Hops: Nugget & Cascade
Dry Hopped: Amarillo & Sterling
Yeast: Lager
ABV: 5.7%
IBUs: 50

My husband, Derek, and I visited Magic Hat during our Vermont Beercation last summer (2014) and enjoyed samples of the many brews they have on tap at their Burlington location.  As we tasted the beers, we talked about what we liked or even didn’t like about each. Sometimes, we would both agree on what we experienced: the flavor, mouthfeel, etc. Then there were other samples we didn’t see eye to eye on. After all, everyone has a different palette and style preferences.

The medium to low carbonation wasn’t ideal. The beer wasn’t flat. Just wished it had more foam after being poured. Nice caramel color and flavor. The hops lean towards grassy with a hint of pine. Overall, it’s OK. It’s neither big hops or big malt in taste.

Sweet up front and finished with a bold hoppiness. I experienced those flavors separately. I didn’t get hops at all when the beer first hit my tongue. Then, boom! Bitter hops. I would concur that it was a grassy hop flavor. A slightly metallic note lingered on my tongue. Although I didn’t mind the low carbonation, it was somewhat fizzy when I drank it.

Because of the hop finish, Magic Hat Dream Machine IPL would pair nicely with anything salty. I’d go with a classic snack like hard pretzels, sharp cheddar cheese and spicy honey mustard. Would be great with salsa and tortilla chips, too!

Disclosure: I received a bottle of the beer mentioned above from Magic Hat Brewing as part of their press kit. Stouts and Stilettos is not affiliated with Magic Hat Brewing and received no compensation in exchange for promotion or review. 

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