Lake Country Brewing Coming to GA in 2016

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Get ready Georgia, a new brewery is coming to town. In Greensboro, just an hour from Atlanta and Augusta and 30 minutes from Athens, brewmaster Taylor Lamm will be opening Lake Country Brewing Company in 2016. Read all about it here:

How did LCBC come to be?

The genesis of Lake Country Brewing Company, which is scheduled to open in spring of 2016, was a casually spoken idea that The City of Greensboro, Georgia would be a prime location for a craft brewery. That comment ignited a spark in John and Nathan McGarity of McGarity Realty in McDonough, Georgia. The father and son project development team own a piece of property one block off of downtown Greensboro: a 6,000 square foot former mill will be the home of the Brewing Company.

LCB-- tourism film-- 10

What are some features of LCBC?

Lake Country Brewing Company will include a cask industries canning line for retail production and a tasting room for tours. A 5,000 square foot event space will include an 18 foot high, floor to ceiling, glass curtain wall that will open to an outdoor patio. Additional features of the brewery will be a focus on using local resources. Lake Country is exploring using a nearby source of water that flows from the Blue Ridge and Piedmont crystalline aquifer. Because of the depth of the bedrock, the supply is protected from ground level impurities. High quality water = amazing beer! The owner of the brewery’s neighbor, Farmers Feed and Seed, is also in the business of black angus cattle. The spent grain from the production will be fed to his herd. The beef comes back to the local market. Farm, to table, to frosty glass of Lake Country Brewing Company beer!

LCB prerenovation-- 08

Who’s involved?

The owner and master brewer of Lake Country is Taylor Lamm. In addition to having degrees in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Georgia, Taylor is a graduate of the University of California Davis Brewing Basics course, Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago, and Doemens Academy in Munich. He also earned a World Brewing Academy International Diploma in the Brewing Technology Program.

Why Greensboro? 

The City of Greensboro has remained a quaint community of just over 3,000 citizens while having a history of thriving industry. Cotton was once king of the Greene County, which was the highest producer of the crop in the State of Georgia. Today, day-trip visitors enjoy the vibrant downtown shops and The Yesterday Café, which was recently named one of the “100 Best Places to Eat” by Georgia Tourism. The “fortunately located” small town is in the “middle of everywhere” to attract craft beer enthusiasts from Atlanta, Athens, and Augusta.  Greensboro is also a few miles from the shores of Lake Oconee, where the Ritz Carlton welcomes over 62,000 guests per year.

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