#LabelLove: Skulls & Skeletons

Skeleton #LabelLove

Sonora and I may have very different beer style preferences, but one thing we mutually love is HALLOWEEN! Like hardcore. Everything and anything that has to do with halloween – costume parties, horror flicks, decorating, and even craft beer with spooky themes.

I completely decorate every space of my home for the holiday. Black cats, spiders, webs, black birds, pumpkins, poison bottles, witches hats, candles, creepy old photos, and of course, skulls and skeletons are part of the macabre elements I use. I even incorporate craft brew bottles that have either pumpkins (Elysian Punkuccino) or skulls/skeletons (Rogue Dead Guy Ale).

Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Sonora has adored skeletons and skeleton artwork since she was a little girl. She once entered a storyboard contest by drawing a cartoon about a skeleton and a bat who were best friends and lived in a graveyard. The cartoon was sadly ahead of its time, but her ‘skeleton love’ lived on, culminating in jewelry, clothing, and a collection of skull memorabilia around her apartment. Sonora gets a small thrill whenever she sees a skeleton on a beer label – which happens a lot since skeletons are a popular beer label subject! They, of course, appear on Halloween labels, but many year-round offerings sport this wonderfully creepy thing that we all have inside of us. She even has a skull pint glass that she enjoys these types of beers in.

Sonora's Skull Beer Mug

So it’s only fitting that Sonora and I collab on this post of skull & skeleton craft beer label eye candy. We also polled our Twitter followers to get them involved in the fun of submitting their #LabelLoves. Enjoy!

Beavertown (Photo Credit: Beer & Burritos)

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