Is Cider Becoming the New Craft Beer?

I am such a sucker for infographics, and I recently stumbled on one boldly stating ‘Cider is the new craft beer.’ Oh really? Is it? Well, once I read down through I did realize that hard cider is most certainly on the rise. I definitely enjoy a good cider now-and-then, especially when I just can’t decide what I want to drink or when there’s nothing on tap that I really want. Plus, sometimes it’s just nice to switch it up.

Also, cider is a great gateway to craft beer! Love the crisp dry flavor of a cider? Maybe we can slowly move you into a nice crisp pilsener, a dry, funky saison, or even a sour. From there the possibilities are endless! Check out the infographic and get schooled about the uprise of ciders – you might even learn something.

Cider Infographic
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What do you think – are ciders the new craft beer?

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  1. I like this. I remember when (one of) you and I had a discussion on Twitter when you posted asking what our thoughts on cider were. I can see now, that you’re right about it being a good introduction to thinks like sours and saisons. Never thought about it in that light.

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