IPA Day 2016: What You Need to Drink


ipa day 2016

IPA Day returns tomorrow and we are totally ready to get down on some hoptastic brews. While the website may be called Stouts & Stilettos, it turns out the majority of us ladies, and a whole lot of you, are total hop heads. From Chelsie who falls head-over-heels for New England/Northeast style IPAs, to Colleen N. who prefers a more well-rounded offering, we all have a favorite hopalicious beer (or two). Here are some of our favorites that will be absolutely perfect for IPA day.

Regional Brews:

Stone IPA (Virginia Brewery Prototype): per Sonora, “Stone recently started brewing in their Richmond, Virginia facility; and kegs of their locally-brewed IPA have been making their way into Northern Virginia. The IPA is what you’d expect from Stone – delicious, crisp, and just bitter enough to savor.”

Appalachian Brewing Company Outta Focus DIPA: according to Colleen N, “this is actually a fairly underrated beer. It used to be a seasonal beer, so it was exciting when it was released every year. Recently they’ve promoted it to year-round status, and you can even get it in their sampler pack. It’s very easy to drink, and has a very even and well-rounded flavor. It’s the perfect IPA to drink while dancing to Moon Hooch or moshing to Badfish at ABC.”

troegs nimble giant simcoe

Troegs Independent Brewing Company Nimble Giant: what can we say about this beer that hasn’t already been said? It’s Tierney and Chelsie’s current favorite thing, it’s got tropical fruit flavors from the hops, not fruit addition, and it’s just plain awesome. Tierney intends to crush these all night for IPA day.

Flying Dog The Gourd Standard Pumpkin IPA: it’s August, and that means the pumpkin beers are crashing into your favorite beer aisle. Whether or not you like their early arrival, The Gourd Standard is a perfect pumpkin offering for warmer weather. The IPA and pumpkin spice flavors marry nicely into a refreshing, early seasonal brew.

Brash Brewing Pussy Wagon: Colleen L. is loving this Texas brew. “It’s the right balance of bright and dank, plus you can’t beat a beer that’s named after something in a Tarantino flick.”

Deep River Mango Tango Fox Trot is exactly what Amanda W. looks for in an IPA.  “With mango in the name one would think that the brewery actually uses fresh mango, but actually it is the blend of hops that creates the wonderful citrus smell and flavor. On the first sip you get the fruit and then at the end there is a slight hint of pine. We are lucky to have this wonderful beer in Charlotte.”

mt pleasant IPA

Mt. Pleasant IPA: This beer couldn’t be more local to April. “It’s brewed by Buckeye Lake and bottled for Ameristop Food Mart right across town from me. It is a Rye Session IPA with an aroma of orange and tropical fruit, medium body with a moderate hop presence, and loads of flavor. 4.9% ABV, 45 IBU.  Mt. Pleasant refers to the 250 foot bluff located in Rising Park, Lancaster, OH.  Local peeps, check out Mt. Pleasant IPA today!”

Nationally Available:

Bell’s Brewing Two Hearted Ale is undoubtedly one of Colleen L., Tierney, and Colleen N.’s  all-time favorite beers. “When I talk about well-rounded beers, this is the beer I’m comparing them all to. It is the most drinkable, perfectly blended IPAs out there. Plus, it is so easily accessible. I love that many of my favorite drinking establishments have this on tap all the time,” says Colleen N.

“I take this beer camping. I take this beer to the shower. I drink it at the bar. It is an all-purpose perfect brew that you can get just about everywhere. I don’t think there’s a single other beer out there that can replace it in my lineup,” says Tierney.

For Colleen L., “it’s been my go to IPA for 10 years now and it is still one that I enjoy a lot and treasure when I can get my hands on it.”

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA: “Though a bit on the stronger side, this is the IPA that I consider to be my go-to,” says Sonora. “It’s especially enjoyed on train trips to New York, as it’s available on Amtrak’s Northeast Regional.” #TrainBeer

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter is Amanda W.’s most perfect IPA. “I was able to have it at the actual brewery in Mills River, NC. Sierra Nevada knows what hop heads love and that is pine and resin. What I love about this IPA is the use of hop oil (think essential oil for beer lovers). They add the oil to the whole-cone hop in the brew kettle. I have had this IPA on draft and in the bottle and I can tell you that both are equally tasty.”

Sweetwater Brewing Goin’ Coastal Pineapple IPA: at first April was leery of trying a beer with Pineapple in the title. “Not because I don’t like pineapple but because I thought it would be too sweet. Not the case here. Pineapple is definitely present but not over-bearing. Citrusy hops and quenches your thirst. This has been my IPA of choice for the summer, flavorful, light and perfect for a hot sunny day or cozy night by the fire. 6.1% ABV, 50 IBU. Yum!”


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