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Often, if you are trying to locate craft beer in populated to barren locations, a good rule of thumb is to find a classy pizza joint. Beer and pizza seem to go as well together as peas and carrots. This is especially true of the Brixx chain, with a website tab dedicated to “beer lovers”. Brixx has multiple locations throughout NC, SC, TN and VA. Mr. Batty and I have been to locations in Woodbridge, VA and Charlotte.

Here the Mr. and I give our unbiased opinions:

She said: Both locations were very similar in style. Not cozy but not stark either. Not the kind of place you’d want to take a first date if you’re looking for a romantic rendezvous, however buddies, pals, families and crafty committed relationships will love the fun vibe.

He said: Brixx’s has a very relaxed atmosphere and somewhat caters to the sports/beer enthusiast with many TV’s showing sports programs. The dining rooms sit in front of the open kitchen that allows you to watch them make the pizzas in the wood fired oven.

She Said: They have TVs? I never even noticed. Maybe its because I don’t like sports. The only thing I know about sports, is that there is no crying in baseball.

She said: A host was welcoming at both locations, the kind of place where they run to open the door for you. The staff has always seemed friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. And, I’m not just saying that because a waitress once told me that I was “adorable”.

He said: Both the Brixx’s in Woodbridge, VA and in Charlotte, NC had fast service and the bartenders were personable and knowledgeable about the beers.

She said: Clearly the service is good. Two thumbs up.

She said: Great food considering it’s a chain. Pizza comes in 2 varieties (white or wheat crust). Salads and apps are generous enough for two. Plus, s’more pizza for dessert. Come on now!

He said: Food – Their food is very good and flavorful and pizzas come in traditional, wheat, or for extra $2 gluten free. The also cook up very quickly in their wood fired oven.

She said: Again, I had no idea about the gluten free. Maybe I need to ease back on the samples.

She said: About 20ish taps. Brixx is known for loving the locals. The NC location has a tap dedicated front and center to hometown and NC brews. The VA location has nights where locals are discounted.

He said: They have a good variety of beers with approximately 30 taps and a good selection of bottles. Rotating taps are limited and they have cask parties about every two weeks.

She said: Maybe one of us needs to learn to count. So lets say they have somewhere between 20-30ish taps.

She said: Brixx has a “Master of Beer Appreciation” punchcard which encourages and rewards patrons for trying different styles of beers. Once you reach a certain level of uniques you can get everything from free appetizers to t-shirts.

He said: Good food, service, and a knowledgeable staff on craft beers. They also try to cater towards local breweries.

She said: Its hard to find out whats on tap at any given time. The Magic 8 Ball rule applies here “ask again later”

He said: Limited rotating taps.

She said: I guess this category is up in the air depending on whether or not you think variety is the spice of life or that consistency can be comforting.


Brixx Woodfired Pizza
Multiple locations
Tasters: Yes
Growlers: No
Food: Yes

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