Hey I just met you, and this is CRAZY!


That’s right ladies and gents, our lovely contributors finally met for the first time! Yes, this website is operated by people who never met in real life until about a week ago. So, how did this come to be?

Well, it’s a short story really. Ms. Heffenista found Ms. BattyBeerBabe on Google+ in her ever growing beer circle. I (Ms. Heffenista) had been ‘running’ this site for about a year. When I say running, I mean it started off with a bang and slowly faded away into an afterthought when I was laid off, miserable, and writing for 2 other sites already. Then, once my G+ beer circle really started taking off I realized it wasn’t my fashion blog that I loved anymore(you can see it hasn’t been updated in almost a year), it was my beer blog. So, I decided to bring it back.

I posted in my beer circle about this lovely little project, asking if there was an interest in bringing it back, and if so would anyone be interested in contributing. That’s where Ms. BattyBeerBabe comes in. She immediately jumped on the idea of sharing her beer-capades with the world and the rest is history!

We’ve had a few other ladies say they’d love to write something for us, but nothing has come to fruition yet. If you’re reading this and would love to add your two cents, get in touch!

So, back to the part where we actually met. The cool thing about our G+ beer community is that it’s pretty damn big. There’s a weekly Thursday night beer hang-out that I love hopping on to when I’m available. Through this, I’ve found that there are some pretty cool beer peeps in my state/area. Plus, it’s cool to put a personality to a name and image on a page. I’ve met a few of them before at our favorite public meet-up spot, Troeg’s Brewery, but this time was going to be different. Ms. BattyBeerBabe was coming to town!


Batty was doing a tour of my area which I’m sure she’ll be writing about in her own post, but here’s a brief summary of what happened at Troeg’s. We discovered one thing very quickly: it is quite comical that she about 5’2 with heels on and I’m 5’9 with flats. This made for a great photo! I had to leave sooner than I wanted, so Batty inherited my half full Flying Mouflan. She also brought her shark to town, which is always a good time.

tall short

So, we’ve finally met and rode off together in a beer-soaked sunset. Well not really, but something like that.

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  1. This is so cool! Didn’t realize you Ladies were just virtual friends till I saw your pics on Instagram. Don’t you just love the interwebz?


  2. I have to admit, after interacting with both of you for some time now, it never occurred to me that you hadn’t met each other (I’m slow, what can I say). I’m not sure how Troegs managed to contain all that awesomeness. Tell the truth, would you have recognized her WITHOUT that Batman shirt on?

    Glad you both had a great time!

    Oh, and thanks Heffenista for the heads up on the beer hangout. I may have to check that out. Sadly, I’m not as active on G+ as I should be (which is stupid because the activity there far exceeds what I get on Facebook), but maybe it’s time for me to really change that.

    • I don’t think anyone besides our immediate circles knew/realized we hadn’t met. We only like like 3 hours apart too which makes it even funnier!

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