Heavy Seas Partners with Clean Water Fund in 2016

Heavy Seas' partnership with Clean Water Fund

BALTIMORE, MD — Heavy Seas Beer is proud to partner with Clean Water Fund as its

primary charitable beneficiary.

“We chose Clean Water as our focus for a very simple

reason – without clean water there is no beer,” said Hugh Sisson, Heavy Seas’

Founder. “By partnering with Clean Water Fund we are uniquely able to support clean

water programs in the states where our beer is sold, and here in the region where it is

brewed. If you buy our beer in in Providence, you are helping to protect clean water in

Rhode Island; in Baltimore, clean water for Maryland. The brewery will make a donation

to Clean Water Fund for each case of beer sold in 2016.”

“Over the years we’ve found that craft brewers and people who love great beer

are also quite passionate about protecting clean water,” says Bob Wendelgass, Clean

Water Fund’s CEO. “When Hugh approached us with his innovative idea for partnering

to support programs in the communities where Heavy Seas Beer is brewed and sold,

our answer was an enthusiastic, ‘Yes!’”


Clean Water Fund protects water and health from watershed to water tap,

through research education and action programs at the local, state and national levels.

“You don’t have to be a scientist or a hard-core environmentalist to get the

connection between clean water and great beer,” said Sisson. “Heavy Seas’ business

depends on clean water for its success. Of course, beer isn’t the only reason to care

about clean water. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or what you do for a

living. We all care about clean water and need to see that it is protected.”

Heavy Seas Beer will feature the partnership on brewery packaging and point-of-

sale materials throughout 2016.


More information on the partnership is available online

at www.HSBeer.com, and through a special Clean Water Fund web site,

www.TapIntoCleanWater.org, where visitors can learn more, find opportunities to get

involved in protecting clean water, and track special events and activities celebrating the

connections between clean water and great beer.


“One of the missions of every small business is to find a relevant way to ‘give

back’ to the community that supports us. We can think of no better partner than Clean

Water Fund.”

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