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30 beers for 30 years

I woke up Saturday morning with loose plans to go to the Broad Street Market for coffee and veggies (what I do every Saturday morning) and was happy to add seeing Logan to my morning. I could tell you the pile of reasons I really enjoyed seeing Logan including my thoughts of providing humanity to the X-Men and a bit of closure, but this is a beer blog and we’re here to talk about beer. After the movie, we decided to grab a brew and began to consider what was nearby. Even though they’ve been open for over a year now, I still hadn’t checked out Harty Brewing Co so onward we went.

Harty is located in this weird self-contained neighborhood called Walden that I found to be completely terrifying. Most people find these neighborhoods to be charming and quaint, but they give me horror movie vibes. Do not let my personal weirdness stop you from visiting – the beer is worth it! They had a small batch Coffee Irish Red on tap that I enjoyed, but unless you go right now you won’t be able to get one, so I’d rather tell you about their Imperial Stout.

harty brewing oatmeal stout

I did something I don’t normally do and went straight in for a full pint of a beer I’ve never had from a brewery I’ve never tried before. Maybe I am growing as a result of this project? I wasn’t disappointed! This brew was exactly what I wanted in an Oatmeal Stout – roasted malt flavor, a tiny hint of dark cocoa in the finish but not a ‘chocolatey’ beer, a solid body, a little creamy, and easy to drink. There’s no special additives, and honestly sometimes it’s nice to have a ‘regular beer’. If I didn’t have other plans ahead of me, I would’ve drank these all afternoon give it was a nice 6.3% ABV, but I had a long day ahead and limited myself to one.

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