Harrisburg Beer Week Family Friendly Events for 2018

Harrisburg Beer Week is quickly drawing near! If you’re anything like me, you’re trying to figure out how to get to as many events as possible, try as many beers as you can, and still juggle your job and family. Well, I’m here to help! Here is this year’s installment of family friendly #HBGBeerWeek events! I’ve chosen one event everyday to highlight and listed some of the other cool stuff happening in the area that I would feel totally comfortable bringing my three kids to. I wholeheartedly believe that having kids doesn’t mean you have to miss out. So here’s to a great week of family, friends, and beer – cheers!

Friday 4/20:

6pm – Midtown Tavern – Help Name Midtown Tavern’s New House Beer

  • The Midtown Tavern has always been known for its delicious wings. Recently, they’ve also become one of the coolest hang outs in town. It’s also a great place for a family to grab a bite to eat and try some local, and not so local, craft beer. During Beer Week they will be unveiling a new house beer from Penn made just for the Tavern. Penn’s head brewer and sales director will also be on hand to chat and answer questions about the beer.

Other events:

12pm-11pm – Spring Gate – Spring Oktoberfest (Fruhlingfest)
4pm – Tattered Flag – Beer Week Launch Party
4pm – Lancaster Brewing Company – Beer Week Kick Off Party
4pm – The Millworks – Beer & Wood Fired Pizza Menu Release (with a firkin!)
5pm – Brewhouse Grille – Lord Hobo’s HBG Beer Week Kick-off Party
6pm – The Batdorf – St. Boniface Brews & BBQ
6pm – Al’s of Hampden – Evil Genius Meet the Brewer & Lab Exclusive Beers

Saturday 4/21:

12pm-11pm – Spring Gate – Spring Oktoberfest (Fruhlingfest)

  • Spring Gate is such a great place to take your whole family, especially when it’s nice out! We spent a day there at the end of the summer and it was just wonderful. There’s space for kids to play (and even some open area to run around a bit), and there’s a little something for everyone. Plus, their beer is pretty tasty! For this event in particular, Spring Gate will be celebrating the end of winter and bringing out their spring beers.

Other events:

10am-12pm – The Harrisburger – ‘Beers & Burgers’ ft. Zeroday & Stable 12
12pm-12am – Zeroday – ‘Stranger Things’ in Harrisburg
6pm – Al’s of Hampden – Free Will Tap Takeover & Meet the Brew Team
6pm – Midtown Tavern – St. Boniface PA Flavor After Party with Mystery Firkin
7pm – Brewhouse Grille – Victory Brewing Rare Drafts & Giveaways

Sunday 4/22:

4pm – Tattered Flag – PA Preferred Night

  • Tattered Flag is one of the most popular breweries among my friends who are parents. It’s laid back atmosphere makes it a great place to bring the kiddos to enjoy a good meal, and sample great local beers. On the first Sunday of Beer Week, Tattered Flag is debuting a their PA Preferred Pilsner made with Pennsylvania malts plus their PA Gin cocktails. What better way to #DrinkLocal?

Other events:

10am – Sturges Speakeasy – Troegs Beer Brunch
12pm – Zeroday – ‘Sunday, Sour Sunday’ with Free Will
12pm – The Boro Riverview – Laid Back Lunch with Rubber Soul
12pm-11pm – Spring Gate – Spring Oktoberfest (Fruhlingfest)
7pm – Boneshire Brew Works – Beer Movie Night

Monday 4/23:

7pm – Boneshire Brew Works – Beer Trivia Night

  • Boneshire is one of my kids’ favorite places to visit. Between the fun board games, yummy snacks, and collection of fun sodas they don’t ever want to leave. It’s a great place to play beer trivia while your kiddos are entertained by all the fun things Boneshire has to offer.

4pm – Tattered Flag – Paint Your Pint Night
6pm – Midtown Tavern – Infusion Night with Evil Genius

Tuesday 4/24:

5:30pm – Arooga’s 15 Camp Hill – Troegs ‘Nator Fest

  • I always tell people that Arooga’s has the best kids menu around. Seriously, go check it out. Plus, all those TVs and the free WiFi keep my kids busy for hours. I’m pretty excited for ‘Nator Fest at their Camp Hill location. Troegenator is a fantastic beer and they’re showing it off in a couple different ways: out of the new 12oz cans and over Bourbon Soaked Wood Chips. They’ll have Bourbon Barrel Aged Nator available! Plus… ‘Nator Battered Onion Rings and ‘Nator Battered Banana Pepper Rings. I’m hungry just thinking about it! Of course the team from Troegs and Wilsbach will be giving away glasses and swag too while supplies last!

Other events:

4pm – Lancaster Brewing Company – Meet & Greet the Brewer
5pm – Nicks 114 – Sam Adams & HBGBeerWeek Limited Edition Pint Glasses
5pm – The Warwick Hotel – Steak Night with Stable 12
6pm – Midtown Tavern – Zeroday Mini Tap Takeover & Meet the Brewer
6pm – The Grotto Pub – Rubber Soul Night with Nate Myers & the Aces
6pm – Smoked Bar & Grill – Salisbury Showdown: Rubber Soul vs. Evolution
6pm – Funck’s Restaurant – Tattered Flag Sampling
7pm – Black Horse Tavern – St. Boniface Beer & Wing Night
7pm- Boneshire Brew Works – ‘Farmers of America’ Viewing & PA Ingredient Beer Release
7pm – Appalachian Brewing Company Harrisburg – Beer Trivia Night


Wednesday 4/25:

3pm – Mood Duck – Second Annual ‘All Collaborations Small Batch’ Tap Takeover

  • This event was so cool last year, and I’m thrilled that they decided to do it again. Moo Duck’s brewer, Mike Brubaker, collaborated with customers, employees, and local homebrewers to make a bunch of small batch beers that will be available for one night only! My little ones enjoyed going last year too because they had yummy beer-inspired baked goods and craft sodas available that they enjoyed while they played some of the small table games. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon with the family!

Other events:

3pm – Funk Brewing E-Town – Harrisburg Beer Wheat Collaboration Release
4pm – Brewhouse Grille – Troegs Grow Your Own
5pm – The Warwick Hotel – St. Boniface & Burgers
6pm – Big Bottom Brewing – Beer Trivia & Firkin Tapping
6pm – The Millworks – Art & Brew Crawl
6pm – Moe’s – Rubber Soul Can Night
6pm – Peachtree Lounge – Humpday with Rubber Soul
6pm – Boneshire Brew Works – Ladies’ Night Beer Release & Luau with Stouts & Stilettos
6pm – North Hanover Grill – Shiner Texas Takeover
6pm – Midtown Tavern – Halfway to Halloween with Yards Brewing

Thursday 4/26:

5pm – Strawberry Square – ‘Amp Up the Brews’ with Little Amps & Pizza Boy Brewing

  • Pizza Boy’s Sunny Side Up is one of my all time favorite beers, so I’m super excited about this ecent. The educator from Little Amps will be at their Strawberry Square location to talk about their coffee, and Al from Pizza Boy will be there too to talk about the beer. Al is also bringing pizza and treats from the shop to snack on, which will make my children extremely happy. It’s going to be super interesting to be able to chat about how the coffee and beer come together to make such a great breakfast brew!

Other events:

3pm – Funk Brewing E-town – NE IPA Flight Fight
5pm – McGrath’s – Great Lake ‘Mysterious Ways’ Doppelbock Tapping
5:30pm – Boneshire Brew Works – Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia Beer Showdown
6pm – Irv’s Pub – Founders and Flatbread Pairing
6pm – Midtown Tavern – Chatty Monks Belgian & Sour Tap Takeove
6pm – Dockside Willies – Sam Adams & Pizza & Baseball
6pm – Aroogas Downtown – ‘Planet of the Apes’ with Victory’s Monkey Ale Series
6pm – Funck’s Restaurant – St. Boniface Tap Takeover with Mystery Firkin
6pm – Grill 22 – ‘Thirsty Thursday’ with Rubber Soul
6:30pm – Tattered Flag – Beer Week Trivia
7pm – Brewhouse Grille – Stable 12 “Draft Party” with Underdog Lager

Friday 4/27:

5pm – Desperate Times – Bourbon Barrel Aged Baltic Porter Collaboration Release

  • I have to admit that I’ve been really slacking and haven’t gotten out to Desperate Times yet. I’ve heard nothing but good things, though and judging by their recent GABF win, I’d say it’s definitely a place to check out. This beer release sounds fantastic too! Desperate Times has teamed up with Midstate Distillery to age their baltic porter in bourbon barrels. Yes please! Plus, they have a kids menu, ice cream floats, and some great drink selections for little ones too.

Other events:

4pm – Lancaster Brewing Company – Exclusive Cask Brew Night
5:30pm – Arooga’s Downtown – Evil Genius Firkin & Glass Giveaway
6pm – Big Bottom Brewing – Riverhorse Brewing Company Pint Glass Night
6pm – Al’s Pizza Enola – Sam Adams Beer Trivia & Limited Release Beers
6pm – Midtown Tavern – Meet the Troegs Brewers
6pm – Funck’s Restaurant – Funk Night at Funck’s


4pm – Midtown Tavern – Old Forge Firkin Night

  • Like I alluded to previously, Midtown Tavern is one of my favorite spots in Harrisburg right now. They’re doing tons of great firkin events and brewer meet and greets throughout the week, including this one with Old Forge Brewing Company from Danville. They’re doing a special release of their Enigma IPA with a one-time only twist that I guarantee will be awesome. They’ll have a brewery representative in the tavern to answer your questions and to hand out swag!

Other events:

4pm – Lancaster Brewing Company – 3rd Annual ‘Blue Trail’ Blueberry Shandy Launch Party


11am – City Island – Mini Golf Tournament & After Party

  • This is BY FAR the most exciting event in the family friendly line up. For the second year in a row, we’re taking over City Island’s Water Golf to host a mini golf tournament! We had so much fun doing this last year, that we moved it to a Sunday so more people can  form a team. This year, we’re also hosting an after party on City Island with the help of the team at Arooga’s. It’s going to be a super fun way to end the incredible 10 day adventure of Harrisburg Beer Week, and I’m really looking forward to it!

Other events:

10am – Sturges Speakeasy – Rubber Soul Brunch

Week Long Events:

  • Big Bottom Brewery – $5 Big Bottom Flights
  • Ever Grain Brewing – special small plates daily to go with an Ever Grain Beer
  • Lancaster Brewing – Whacked Out Street Food & Beer Pairings
  • Midstate Distillery – Enjoy discounted pricing on 7 Pennsylvania beers on our new custom draft system at Harrisburg’s First Distillery during Harrisburg Beer Week. Plus, beer infusion specials featuring some of our favorite local beers infused with handcrafted spirits.
  • Molly Pitcher Brewing – Daily Beer Specials, Randall Infusions, Firkins, Beer Cocktails and more

Grocery store tastings:

I’m a huge fan of tasting beer at the grocery store, and I LOVE that our local beer distributors are doing a bunch of these this year. There are some KILLER releases and super interesting pairings happening so make sure you check out this list. It’ll help you schedule your grocery shopping for the week.


5-7pm – Wegman’s – Goose Island Sashimi Pairing & Bourbon County Release
5-7pm – Wegman’s – Sam Adams ‘76 & Shrimp Pairing


12-2pm – Wegman’s – Lord Hobo Can Release & Charcuterie Pairing


12-pm – Wegman’s – Stable 12 Apple Pie Crumble Pairing & Crowd Pleaser Can Release

5-7pm – Wegman’s – Troegs Beer, Cheese, and Splinter Sampling


5-7pm – Wegman’s – Lindemans vs. Samuel Smith Ice Cream Pairing


5-7pm – Wegman’s – Victory Brewing Cheese Pairing & Bottle Release


5-7pm – Wegman’s – Evolution Dessert Pairing & Bottle Release


5-7pm – Wegman’s – Great Lakes Brewing Chillwave Sampling & Wing Pairing
5-7pm – Wegman’s – Wicked Weed Cheese Pairing & Bottle Release


12-2pm – Wegman’s – Ommegang Cheese Pairing & Game of Thrones Bottle Release


12-2pm – Wegman’s – Sweetwater Cheese Pairing & Bottle Release

Things to consider when deciding whether to bring your kids…

  • Table height. Depending on how old your kiddos are, table height can be an issue. If a venue only has high top tables, that might be ok if your little one is being held or hanging out in a car seat, but might not be okay if your toddler is a mover and shaker (I’m speaking from experience). Not sure about the seating in a venue? Check out their Facebook page for pictures of past events or shoot them a message and ask!
  • Entertainment. Board games in breweries are super popular right now. My kids love going to Boneshire or Moo Duck because they know there are cool things to play with. WiFi can also be helpful when you want to hang in a brewery for awhile with kiddos. We are much more lax about screen time for special events like this. I make sure the kids’ tablets are charged up and loaded with some fun (and hopefully educational games) but sometimes it’s best to turn on the WiFi and let them veg out watching Kid YouTube.
  • Drinks. Many breweries now offer craft sodas which are super fun for kids to feel like they’re a part of the experience. I especially love when a brewery has a soda that was actually made on site! Many also have juices available so make sure you ask your server or bartender.
  • Snacks. Not all breweries have restaurants attached and not all brewery snacks are kid friendly. Check out their website ahead of time to see what kind of menu they offer. If it doesn’t mesh with your kids’ palates, make sure you pack your kiddos’ favorite snacks to keep them busy while you sample the house beers.
  • Most importantly, know your limits and drink responsibly. It’s not easy to call a Lyft when there are car seats involved.

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  1. This is such a cool idea. Craft beers are obviously popular right now, but at least around here, there are not a lot of kid-friendly breweries. I hope our beer stops start catching on.

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