Hack Your Beer: Pedicures, Food, and Beer Shampoo

While I may not agree with Greatist’s idea that having extra beer is a bad thing, because it’s actually awesome, I do like these ideas to use beer in different ways. I guess we can find a use for those Coors Lites after all! Check out a few neat ideas to use beer beyond drinking, and let us know if you try any! Personally, I think that beer pedicure sounds like something to check out…

“1. Cook Your Rice in Beer: Everything’s better with beer — at least we think so — and this versatile staple is no exception. Try using beer instead of water when boiling rice to add a rich, nutty flavor. Or split the recipe with beer and water for a hint of extra flavor. It’s probably best to avoid very hoppy brews, though, as doing so could leave behind a slightly sour flavor.

2. Marinate Meat: Sure there’s coffee-soaked steak, but beer also makes a great lower-sodium alternative to bottled marinades. Experiment with different flavors to add punch and tenderize the meat.

3. Give Yourself a Beer Pedicure: The yeast in beer is actually a great skin-softener. Soaking feet in a (preferably warm) bowl of beer can do wonders for calloused heels, helping exfoliate and soften the skin. The alcohol also acts as a natural antiseptic. Some high-end spas have even begun offering beer-based pedicures for their clientele.”

beer shampoo

Read More: Hack Your Beer: Pedicures, Food, and Beer Shampoo | Greatist.com.

2 Comments on Hack Your Beer: Pedicures, Food, and Beer Shampoo

  1. This article’s timing is spot on! I just updated my homebrew blog website thingy-ma-jigger with a recipe for a Wit-spiced rice. I also think one of the best steak’s I’ve ever had was marinated in a Barleywine.

    The pedicure I am not so sure of, though, if I had some extra hefeweizen laying around, I’d probably try a footpath.

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