Study: Guys See Girls Who Drink Beer As ‘Sexy, Confident, Independent, Fun’

Good news ladies! I have been told many times over that being a female who drinks beer and knows a little something about it makes me incredibly sexy, and it seems I’m not alone! The study is a little dated, but I’m sure we’d find the same results if we did a poll today. 

“We have a new winner in our annals of “isn’t that Earth-shattering?” study results: This time, a recent survey of 2,000 men in the U.K. found that, when out on a date, guys are more attracted to women who order a brew in lieu of “girlier” drinks.”

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Gentlemen, let’s hear YOUR thoughts on women who drink beer! Feel free to share below!

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  1. Since most beers, an I emphasize the ‘most’, cost less than those girlier drinks, I prefer ladies who drink beer so I can afford to take them out. Like most guys, I don’t mind paying for my dates, but I hate it when they want lobster and champagne spritzers on the first date. It just registers in the back of my head that “hey she’s cute, but too high maintenance to keep”; whereas that cutie who also drinks beer, well, she’s just sexier because she is kinda like me in tastes and therefore more desirable.

    • Sometime I’ll have to share the story about my date where I ordered 4 Chimay Blues, trying to act like I knew what I was talking about, without knowing the cost or ABV. My poor date.

  2. I don’t like to generalize, but it’s been my experience that girls who drink beer actually know a bit more about what they like to drink than the ones who like “pinky-out” drinks. That said, there are some female friends of mine that say they like beer, but only ever buy Blue Moon, Miller, and Bud. I consider this mind-frame (male and female alike) a challenge 🙂

    As far as being sexier, more confident, fun, and independent, I absolutely agree. Maybe it’s because I prefer beer to liquor, and that coincides with my tastes, maybe not – I’m not sure. But to me, there is something blisteringly unattractive about a girl sitting at a bar pounding back margaritas for no other reason than to get trashed; thats something I never do – I never drink to get drunk, I get tipsy from time to time, but when I go out I know my limits and (ESPECIALLY if I am driving), NEVER exceed them, which is another nice thing about beer – that you can drink more without getting as much alcohol as with a cocktail.

    In short: that is the quality I am looking for in a girl.. now if only I could find one 🙂

    I feel like that was one long run-on sentence. Oh well.

    • Well, maybe when you talk to that lady who just likes Miller Lite you can convince her to try something else! That’s how the majority of women get into craft to start with, plus now you have a whole lot more to talk about. Dating advice, however, is not my forte.

      • Well, she’s a friend of mine, not a date, but I am working on her beer choices. I got her to try a Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold instead of Miller Lite, she liked it. When I saw her buying Blue Moon, I pointed her to Port City Optimal Wit instead, she liked it as well. But she’s still stuck on Miller.

        • Well, I’ll tell you that wheat beers were definitely my ‘gateway’ beer. I loved Franziskaner, Harpoon UFO, Troegs Dreamweaver, etc. Before craft, I used to enjoy Blue Moon as well and all 3 of those, if available where you are, have that orange wheaty flavor.

  3. I agree. I’m a beer nerd and I’ve turned my wife into one too and it is incredibly attractive when she starts talking beer. I don’t know what it is but it’s awesome when she tells me people she knows and her co-workers look to her for beer suggestions.

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