Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout (2014) – #30beersfor30years

30 beers for 30 years

It’s a fact – my friends are just plain awesome! Friday night we’re all at happy hour and discussing aloud, wondering maybe we should have a game night? One friend brought the games, I brought myself, and another offered their home to host. “I’ve got a ton of good brews to drink, don’t bring anything over” is the lucky night I had ahead of me. We ordered takeout, started playing games, and out comes a Bourbon County Coffee. From 2014. Sweet!

bourbon county coffee 2014

Somehow I hadn’t had this beer before, and was obviously anxious to try it. It was great! Not epic, not awesome, just great. I adore the Bourbon County series, but I find the coffee version to be lacking when compared to the bajillion other coffee beers available now. I’m very grateful that my friend decided to share this with us, and I really did enjoy the intense flavor that comes from this brew. I found the coffee flavor to be a bit more bitter than I prefer personally. Would I drink it again? Of course! But I’d definitely prefer a few other coffee stouts over this one, that’s all.

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