GK Visual & Boneshire Brew Works Partner on Apriture, an Apricot Saison

Meet Apriture, a play on words combining the apricot beer and the photography term aperture. An apricot saison, Apriture is the baby of GK Visual and Boneshire Brew Works in celebration of their upcoming documentary, Poured in PA. Apriture was brewed by the GK Visual team – including their very pregnant producer – at Boneshire Brew Works. You may remember Boneshire Brew Works from our Stouts & Stilettos collab, Fresh Out the Kitchen. Boneshire makes some awesome beers, and is committed to giving back to their community. This brew is just another example of their willingness to share creative ideas from all sides of the craft beer world, and their love of being a part of the bigger craft beer picture that each of us are trying to paint.

“We are really appreciative of Alan Miller and the team at Boneshire Brew Works. Producing a feature-length film is no small task and raising the funds to pull it off has proven to be just as challenging. Alan saw this and stepped right in and offered to brew this beer and donate all the proceeds to the production of Poured in PA. We are thrilled with the end result and can’t wait to share it with everyone.” says Nate Kresge, Executive Producer and Partner at GK Visual.

I got to try a bottle in advance, and I have to tell you it’s very tasty. Expect the traditional saison notes of earthiness, spice, and floral notes mixed with a subtle semi-sweet apricot flavor with a dry finish. It’s perfectly carbonated with a bit of prickly effervescence.  A delightful treat that would pair perfectly with some brie or even a slice of cheesecake. Personally, I found it quenched my thirst after a long day.

apriture glass

Proceeds from sales of Apriture benefit GK Visual’s project, Poured in PA. Bomber bottles go on sale this Saturday, 12/16/17 at 11 am. I encourage you stop by and grab a few bottles for yourself (plus they make great holiday gifts) but be careful as there is a 4 bottle limit. During the release party at Boneshire Brew Works, GK Visual will be showing a few sneak peeks of the project throughout the day. Bottles are $8 each, but if you bring in a non perishable food item (for Central Pa Food Bank) you will get $1 off a bottle.


Poured in PA is an upcoming documentary about craft beer in Pennsylvania. This project from GK Visual began recording last year, and is slated to be released to the public in spring of 2018. Per GK Visual, Poured in PA “will follow the Commonwealth’s storied beer past, delve into recent growth and aim to capture the full tale of the beer industry in the Keystone State.” Over the past year, the team has visited nearly 100 breweries collecting their stories and documenting what unites these individual breweries into a bigger collective body here in Pennsylvania. Personally, we can’t wait to see the end result.

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