Girls Pint Out – Uniting Women, Advocating for Craft Beer

Girls pint out headerAs we know here at Stouts & Stilettos, having a few beers with your girlfriends is always a good way to spend the day. Across the country, groups like Barley’s Angels and Girl’s Pint Out are popping up in almost every state. With the mission of building a community of women who love craft beer, Girl’s Pint out requires no membership process – just join up for a drink and enjoy the company of fellow craft beer-loving women.

What makes a group like Girl’s Pint Out so great? Just ask chapter founders Chrystalle Ball (DC/Metro GPO), Nicole Matero (Susquehanna Valley GPO), and our own Amanda W (Charlotte GPO), each with unique experiences leading into their journey.

Girl’s Pint Out is currently on a mission to have a chapter in all 50 of our states, a goal that certainly seems attainable. There are many reasons that each founder has started their chapter, take inspiration from them and get to it!

Susquehanna Valley GPO
Susquehanna Valley GPO chapter

Nicole had been following GPO on social media for nearly two years before deciding to start her chapter. “I met Kimberly Moffett, our chapter’s co-founder, at Holy Hound Taproom. She asked me if I had heard of GPO and encouraged me to start a local chapter. So, I did!”

For Chrystalle, after loving being involved with another community’s chapter, she needed one in her new home after moving. “I had been a member of GPO in AZ and I loved it. When I moved to the DC area and saw there was not a chapter, I inquired about starting one.”

If you’ve never followed your local GPO before, start looking now. Chapters usually do at least one event a month, some are even doing events each week. From happy hour meet-ups and book club to collaboration brews, these ladies offer a little bit of everything.

imageAmanda’s chapter recently had a cardio class at Sugar Creek Brewing. Using their warehouse space and sound system, the ladies got down to zumba, and then walked over and had a pint. “We called it Sweating for a Saison. Trust me; the ladies were sweating in the end.”

The one thing that each of the chapters interviewed has in common is their desire to give back to their communities. Nicole’s Susquehanna Valley Chapter hosted an event at Zeroday benefitting Dress for Success. “Through the event donations we were able to provide women in need who were preparing to interview or start employment with gently used business clothing. Our members donated 28 blouses, 4 dresses, 8 suits, 25 pairs of pants and more!”

Amanda’s Charlotte chapter partnered Grapevine’s Big Tip event benefitting World Pediatric Project. “I work for some of the neurosurgeons who go on the trips and provide surgeries for kids in countries where they would never have this opportunity. My ladies bar tended, poured beers/wine, and served snacks. At the end of the night we raise almost $1000 for the WPP. It was a hard night, but a great one.”

So, why Girl’s Pint Out? Why now? How about why not? I think Chrystalle said it best:

“For solidarity. In all seriousness, groups like GPO, Barley’s Angels, Pink Boots, etc. are important because they help empower and connect women in this industry, and women who want to be a apart of craft beer with each other. To show that yeah, we may be women, girls, chicks, babes, whatever we choose to call ourselves, but we can still do a job just as well (and sometimes better) than some of our male counterparts. I hope women who may not be a part of these groups see that we’re trying to change the stereotype that being a ‘girl’ doesn’t mean you’re weak, that pink can be empowering, not demeaning. Also, these groups are important because they provide a no-judgment zone for any lady that just loves beer. A place where, for example, when we do a happy hour we don’t expect her to order a hefe or light beer, there’s nothing wrong with either of those, but that’s always the presumption with some bartenders, ya know? I think these groups help show other women out there that we should help and support each other, not tear each other down. We’re all working towards the same goal.”

Charlotte GPO chapter

“What I really love is that my mom comes with her friends, and at the same time there are ladies that may still be in their 20’s. It’s an all-inclusive group. We all learn from each other. Also, it’s not always about the beer. With every meeting I get to meet new ladies who also live in Charlotte and create new friendships. I love at the end of the night seeing everyone is smiling and had a blast.” says Amanda.

“We introduce women to the world of craft beer, bucking the stereotype that women online like light beers, wine, and fruity cocktails. At our first meeting only about 8 people attended, and most of them were already friends of mine. At our craft beer & coloring event at Columbia Kettle Works we had our largest attendance of 40 ladies,” says Nicole. “I personally have met more people, and dare I say the best people, since I started enjoying craft beer and embedding myself in the craft beer community. It has been a gift and I want to share that gift with others. Girl’s Pint Out allows me to easily do just that. We are able to introduce our members to like-minded individuals and the community that makes craft beer so wonderful.”

DC/Metro GPO chapter
DC/Metro GPO chapter

Ready to hang out? Check out the Girl’s Pint Out website and find your local chapter. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to see what’s happening next.

The Susquehanna Valley chapter is celebrating their two-year anniversary Thursday June 16 at Holy Hound Taproom.

The Charlotte chapter has a pop-up shop event featuring local vendors, a food truck, and raffles alongside craft beer at Pintville Saturday June 18th.

The DC/Metro chapter has an Alexandria brew tour scheduled for this Sunday.

“It’s awesome to me to hear from the ladies in my group that they’re trying something new because of an event we did or that they were inspired by someone that spoke at one of our events. It’s really very cool”  – Chystalle.

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