Getting Back to my Roots


They say in order to be a great writer one should read. Well, I haven’t been a great writer lately. I let Harrisburg Beer Week + CBC keep me from writing basically anything. Sure, I’ve been showing you guys press releases and trying to crank the news out, but when’s the last time I sat down and wrote something?

I tried to write. When I got back from CBC last week I started two different pieces based on ideas I gathered while I was there. I just couldn’t get into it. I couldn’t find the words. I don’t know what to say. After coming back from vacation that weekend, I wrote an entire piece, but I still haven’t published it. I don’t think I like it yet. I’m in a rut.

So, I started reading. I read my feed reader of other beer blogs and websites almost daily, but couldn’t get into that either. Then, I went back to the old school – print.

It’s been raining a lot on the East Coast lately, and it’s been miserable. No better time to curl up with something good to read, a glass of a cherished brew, and of course my cat Simcoe in my lap. I picked up two editions of Beer Advocate as well as the latest Craft Beer & Brewing while I was at CBC, both of which are two of my favorite publications to read. I settled in and got lost in the words for a while.

I delighted in returning to my old ways; highlighting sentences to keep in mind, flagging stories I want to re-read, and allowing the words to resonate in my mind.

In Beer Advocate, I found an article about Georgia’s shitty beer laws, something I’ve already written about. It inspired me to dig out that old post, re-read it, and re-share it on our social media. In Craft Beer & Brewing it was the stout vs. porter edition. Of course I got lost in discussion about stouts and dark beers, they’re my favorite! It felt good to be immersed in good writing and topics of interest once again.

I’m almost ready to write again, I can feel it. The next time you’re in a rut like me, get back to your roots and read.

Post Script: I’ve never written a post script before, but I want you to know what I’m reading. If you’re interested in adding to your current feed reader, I recommend the following: This Is Why I’m Drunk , Bearcat on Beer, Beer Street Journal,, The Keg Tap, and Beer Simple. For print, go for Beer Advocate, Craft Beer & Brewing, Draft Magazine, and Beer Connoisseur.

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