From Yinzer to Houstonian

In case you didn’t realize it, I’ve moved from Pittsburgh to Houston, TX. This was an adventure I’d been thinking about for over two years and in November 2015, I made it a reality. It was one of those journeys that I knew would be both scary and exciting and as of right now, I’m glad to report that it has been a great beginning to living in a new city.

I’ve been visiting Houston since 2007 and over the years have fallen in love with the people and the city. There is something about this town that has always felt like a second home. I fell in love with the city and shortly after that fell in love with the craft beer community here. Since moving from Pittsburgh, I have had the opportunity to experience many places in Houston. A few worth mentioning are Town in City Brewing Company, a fairly new brewery in my neighborhood that has a really chill patio that is also pet friendly on the patio. Another favorite spot of mine is Brash Brewing, not far from my new neighborhood. Hoppy beers, amazing stouts, heavy metal music from a jukebox, but the best thing of all is the video games. You read correctly, video games. Everything from Pac Man to Space Invaders, it’s enough to make any person smile.


As most craft beer people, I was on the search for a “hometown” pub when I moved to Houston. I had a few in Pittsburgh and knew I would want to have a place in H-town that has good craft beer, great staff, and awesome patrons. It took a few times, but if you ever find yourself in Houston and are looking for a fun time with a low key environment, get yourself to D&T Drive Inn. It has easily become my go to pub for craft beer. The staff always make you feel like you are part of a local community and the beer selection is constantly changing.

I appreciate the history of the building, which I learned about from locals and from their website. “The history is a little murky, but we do know one thing for sure: D&T first got its name in 1959 when Mrs. McKeehan took over an old ice house. She named it D&T after her sons, Dan and Ted. From what we can gather, it’s been a home, a convenience store, and a “real” ice house–the kind of place that sold blocks of ice to people to keep their food cold in their “ice boxes,” before commercial refrigeration was readily available.”

D&T Drive Inn has a great indoor/outdoor layout and even when the temperature drops, they make sure you can be comfortable outside with a few large portable heaters. The outside has lots of no frills picnic tables that offer plenty of seating options for larger groups. If you need something a little more intimate, the round tables outside or long bar inside are also inviting options. It’s nothing fancy, which is fine, but you can always count on good craft and Belgian beers on draft at a good price.

The long bar that leads to the outdoor patios always feels very welcoming.
The long bar that leads to the outdoor patios always feels very welcoming.

One of my favorite things about D&T is that their cask beer lines are inside of their wine cooler. This means that the cask beer is just about right from a temperature perspective.  Some of you might not realize it, but most places in Houston serve their cask beer cold due to the usual humidity. D&T has taken the extra step to make their cask beer closer to the traditional experience of many European establishments. When I realized this, I knew this would be a great spot for me in the future. D&T almost always has at least 4-6 Houston beers on draft, which is great to see in such a large city. They are always placing Texas beers on their lineup, but I appreciate seeing a local selection in such a big city.

The tap selection at D&T Drive Inn always has something for every palate.

In a few weeks, they are having a Belgian beer and fondue themed beer pairing dinner and I am excited to attend. I must give a shout out to the group that manages D&T, Treadsack. They do a great job of keeping their establishments filled with good staff, good food, and good beer. All of these things deserve a high five in my eyes.

Pittsburgh will always be home and I will always miss the folks at Carson Street Deli on Wednesday nights, but D&T has become a great addition to my Houston home. If you ever are in need of a good craft beer in Houston and want a casual environment with cool staff, give these folks a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Erin, that is correct! 🙂 I have seen a few dogs on the front patio. Loads of places in the Heights have pet friendly patios, which is a nice touch.

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