Flying Dog Ancho Lime Paradise Lager: 30 Second Beer Review

Flying dog ancho lime

“There’s something about spice that lures us in. Some sweat. Others tear up. Most reach for the water…and the antacids.

With our new Heat Series, we want to elicit another feeling: Drinking up and saying ‘ahh.'”

The name of this beer perfect describes it! And I have to say that I really enjoyed this beer. It was a great way to end a nice hot day of playing outside with the kids. It had just the slightest bite to it. I thought maybe it would get spicier as a drank it, but it really didn’t.

I am a fan of spicy beers, but they often get a little TOO spicy and it’s hard to drink a ton of it. I usually prefer them in small quantities. This, however, was easy to drink an entire bottle. The lime complimented the spice perfectly. I really want to sip this beer while eating nachos next to the pool this summer.

While I was drinking it I also thought about how this is pretty much what I have always wanted Corona to taste like, even though it doesn’t. If you’re trying to convert a Corona drinker to craft beer, this might be a really good option for them.

I’m very much looking forward to the next beer in Flying Dog’s Heat series ( which they’re calling Carolina Reaper Peach IPA. Sounds interesting to say the least!

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