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It’s hard to believe it’s been 22 years since my very first craft beer. My first “good beer” experiences happened at the Market Cross Pub in Carlisle, PA where they serve a wide selection of international beers as well as craft beers from all over the U.S. While I worked there, I learned a great deal about the process of making beer as well as becoming knowledgeable about the many craft beer styles. A big part of my job was educating our patrons and helping them to select something they would enjoy. To really know what to suggest, I had to know what the beers tasted like for myself – from hefeweizens, kolschs to pale ales, IPAs, stouts, bocks lambics and more! This began my quest to explore every style from east to west coast.
Favorite Breweries:
Tired Hands, Suarez, Hill Farmstead, Fiddlehead, Pizza Boy, Almanac, Tree House and Foam.
My Beer Things:
I fill my days with the things and people that make me happy!
  • Co-Creator of with my husband, Derek – a blog about our beer adventures, brewing, exploring new brews and immersing ourselves in the local craft beer community and industry.
  • Co-Founder & Co-Organizer of Harrisburg Beer Week – a 9-day celebration of craft beer the last week in April every year.
  • Special Guest on Beer Busters Podcasts in a few different episodes.
  • Appeared in the craft beer documentary produced by GK Visual called ‘Brewed In the Burg.’
  • Product Photography for Regrained. Soon to be on their print materials.
I also keep busy on interior design projects, photography (mostly of beer!), graphic design things, crafting (I’m obsessed with repurposing old things found at flea markets) and being a Kitty Mommy to Jasmine and Bella. I live by the motto “We are here to create not merely survive.”


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9 Comments on Meet Chelsie

  1. Love this!!!!! I love me some craft beer and love the ladies perspective! If you are ever here in LA I have a couple great spots to take you to!!! Congrats

    • You, too, Kristen! I’m still talking about your Honey Ginger Blonde ale to everyone I get a chance to. So good. Can’t wait until your brewery opens. I will definitely make a trip there to visit. Cheers!

  2. Just read your bio….I went to high school in Carlisle and my parents still live there! Market Cross and the G-man are my stomping grounds. If you ever get to the DC area (northern Virginia in particular), let me know. We have a lot of craft breweries that have opened up—5 of them are all within 10 miles of Manassas.

    • Hi Julie! I completely adore Carlisle and do miss living there. But I make sure I frequent often: Market Cross Pub, Molly Pitcher Brewing Co., Au Gratin Cafe, Brick… so many good eats and drinks in the area. Cheers to you and perhaps if you’re vising your parents we can meet up for a drink. 🙂

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