DuClaw’s Beers of Summer – Food Ideas and Tasting Notes

DuClaw's Beers of Summer - Food Ideas and Tasting NotesDuClaw Brewing Company, located in Baltimore MD, is only about an hour and a half from home base here in in Harrisburg. They launched in our local area three summers ago and won my heart from that day forward. When I say they’re good people, I mean they’re good people. You may know some of their flagships like Serum, Bare Ass Blonde, and Sweet Baby Jesus or even there rarer offerings like Collassus or the Divine Retribution series. This past week I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying two of DuClaw Brewing Company’s summer beers: Morgazm and Funk. Neither of these beers are new to me, but it had definitely been awhile since I revisited each one.

DuClaw's Beers of Summer - Food Ideas and Tasting Notes

Morgazm, named after Ms DuClaw Morgan herself is a summer blonde infused with grapefruit zest creating a crisp and refreshing summer brew. It clocks in at an easy drinking 5% and is made for a summer afternoon of grilling. Oh, and I drank one as a shower beer and found that to be great as well! Expect flavors of, well, grapefruit. It’s slightly bitter, but well-balanced.

It’s been a hectic week for me preparing for the Beer Bloggers Conference, and being pressed with time but flush with tomatoes, I decided to keep it simple and chose a different route for my Morgazm – I had one with fresh homemade pizza. Let me just say this – the citrus and slight bitterness of the beer mixed with the sweet backyard tomato sauce seemed to just work out perfectly. I can also see this beer pairing well with spicy fish tacos, or even Thai takeout if you’re feeling lazy. If you’re open-minded, you can probably have a Morgazm with just about anything.

DuClaw's Beers of Summer - Food Ideas and Tasting Notes

Funk is still one of my favorite DuClaw brews. Funk is an American Wheat Ale infused with blueberries and Meyer lemons creating a perfectly balanced, not-to-sweet summer dessert beer also at 5%. I love that it actually tastes like blueberry, not blueberry flavor.

Inspired by the floats at Zeroday Brewing using blueberry soda, I decided to go all out and participate in #TreatYoSelf2015 by making a beer float with this bad boy while listening to Parliament because WE WANT THE FUNK. Yes, that’s right, a beer float. I love using beer in floats, and I couldn’t believe how delicious this was together. Diet be damned, I even went back for seconds. If you’re not really feeling dessert though, I could also see this beer pairing wonderfully with a crisp summer citrus salad, or grilled pork chops + asparagus.

DuClaw's Beers of Summer - Food Ideas and Tasting Notes

I highly recommend each of these beers if you haven’t tried them before, and if you have, I’m curious to know what you would pair with each. Be sure to comment below and let us know!

Disclosure: Product was provided to me by DuClaw Brewing Company, and I received promotional consideration by DuClaw Brewing Company in conjunction with this post.

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  1. Did everyone leave that brewery? I know their original rep is gone. He used to cover MD and PA. The guy who replaced him left. That Morgan girl is now gone. My Philly rep also recently left. What’s going on there?

    • Yes, I’m super sad that my girl Morgan left, but sometimes new opportunities arise! (ps Morgan if you see this TIERNEY MISSES YOU!).

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