Dogfish Head Black and Blue


FINALLY Black and Blue is available on tap somewhere outside of Philly! After visiting their Rehoboth brewpub for New Years, I have become a huge fan of Dogfish Head beers, especially their rare varieties. This beer is very difficult to get on tap, and I was delighted to see that Al’s of Hampton in Mechanicsburg PA has it on tap.

As pictured, the Black and Blue is a lovely amber color. Its well balanced featuring blueberry flavors as well as a hint of wheat. Even though it’s a fruit beer, this isn’t a beer to play around with at 10% abv. It’s not overly sweet like fruit beers can be, and doesn’t suck like a lot of blueberry beers do. Although I very much prefer the Red and White, I still like this beer a lot.

Black and Blue
Dogfish Head Brewing Company
Fruit Beer
10% ABV

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