Desperate Times Turtle Stout – #30beersfor30years

For day 3 of my adventures, I was headed to Molly Pitcher Brewing to pick up a bottle of their barrel-aged espresso stout. I’ll drink that later on in the journey, so hang tight that review will be coming. While there, I had a Peanut Butter porter which is a legit dessert in a glass, but not new to me, so skipped over for the project.
On the way out of Carlisle we had to check out a brand new brewery, Desperate Times. Having done no research other than locating it on a map, I had no clue what to expect. The brewery is located inside what was once Gutshalls Tractor Company show room, so there’s huge big windows and plenty of space. I’ll likely write about the brewery separately so let’s get back to beer.

Desperate Times Turtle stout

Turtle Stout is an Imperial Stout with pecans & chocolate added, intended to be like the turtle candies. It’s medium bodied with a milk chocolate aroma. At first it’s like drinking a light Gertrude Hawk peanuts cluster, but as it warms the sweetness falls off and gives way to an ash roasted stout flavor. I thought it was pretty good, but would love it if were thicker bodied and higher ABV. Treat it like a true dessert beer and crank it up to 10 instead of 8.

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