Dear Georgians, Beer Needs Your Help

While I may not reside in Georgia, I do visit the peach state frequently. Right now, brewers and breweries in Georgia need help from their residents in passing a bill that would help change some antiquated beer laws. Here’s the scoop we received from Wild Heaven Craft Beers:

“Georgia Brewers are in need of some voices from people like all of you, neighbors and friends who have been such a huge part of our success to date.

THE ISSUE: Currently, breweries are not allowed to sell beer to people directly…ever…it all has to go through a distributor.  When you come to the brewery, you pay $10 or $12 for a pint glass, and we are permitted to serve you up to 2 pints (32 ounces) of beer per day as part of an educational tour.  Georgia is one of only 4 states in the country that doesn’t allow breweries to sell beer to consumers in some way, and we rank 47 out of 50 states in breweries per capita.

THE PROPOSAL: Senate Bill 63 in the Georgia legislature would allow for breweries to sell up to 72 ounces of beer for consumption at brewery and breweries and brewpubs to sell 144 ounces (a 12-pack) per person per day to take home.  So we could finally sell you a 6-pack or bottle of your favorite beer to take home with you from the brewery.

THE IMPACT: At our brewery, the passage of this bill would lead us to hire more people in our tasting room, provide a very helpful new revenue stream, and, we believe, lead to better sales in retailers because people will know and remember our brand better.

THE ASK: If you are willing, it would be a great help to contact the key members of the GA State Senate who are controlling our bill. Hearing from as many constituents as possible makes a HUGE difference in issues like these, and 5-10 minutes would be greatly appreciated.  If you can, doing it TODAY, we are hoping to flood the inboxes of these folks with supportive e-mails and phone calls.

Here’s how you can help:

– Call the offices of all these Senators and ask them to support the Beer Jobs Bill, SB 63.  If you only make one or two phone calls, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle (404-656-5030) and Senator Rick Jeffares are the ones to call.”

This bill impacts not just Wild Heaven, but all brewrries in the state of Georgia. Here in Pennsylvania, we are basically spoiled being able to buy cases, six-packs, growlers, and pints from most breweries (depending on licensing) without even a second thought. I never realized how different this is in other states until I showed up in Georgia with a growler hoping to bring back the good good a few years ago.

As a craft beer lover with Georgia on her mind, I urge you to help spread the word about this bill so that this positive change can be made.

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