Craft Beer and Pregnancy

Leena is hiding the bump, but it's there!
Leena is hiding the bump, but it’s there!

So the news has broken… I’m pregnant! With twins! I think the first thing I really thought about when planning to get pregnant was, “How in the world am I going to go a whole 9 months without craft beer?” Well, after lots of research and planning… I don’t have to.

That’s right. You can still love craft beer and be pregnant. You just have to be smart about it.

Alcohol is one of those things that everyone has a different opinion about when it comes to pregnancy. Some swear even one drop will hurt your baby. Some say you can freely enjoy a drink a day and not worry. I’ve decided to take an approach somewhere in the middle. I feel safe enjoying a low ABV beverage now and again, but I’m definitely not drinking more than one and definitely not doing it everyday.

So here are some things I have already enjoyed…

  • Founder’s Rubaeus – It’s 5.7% ABV and 10oz pour made it the perfect selection for an afternoon at Barcade.
  • Pizza Boy’s Together Weather – At a mere 2.8% ABV I was able to enjoy a whole glass of it!


I haven’t stopped trying beer either really. I just only have a sip of something. If the restaurant or brewery we’re at has something particularly awesome on, my husband will order it, and I’ll try a sip. It’s not the same as enjoying an entire pint, but it’s better than nothing!

Even over the weekend, we were at a family gathering and someone had brought over a case of Dale’s Pale Ale (which has been my go-to pool beer for several years). I knew I shouldn’t indulge in an entire can, but just a sip of my hubby’s was all I needed to make me feel like it really was the middle of summer.

And really, craft beer isn’t about getting drunk or drinking lots anyway. It’s all about flavor! So for the next several months, I am content with tastes of delicious beer here and there.

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