Craft Beer Inspired Tattoos

Craft Beer Inspired Tattoo
Terry Hawbaker of Pizza Boy Brewing Company & Intangible Ales.
Tattoo By: Rhi Wallace of A PSYCHIC UNICORN in Kingston PA.

I’m passionate about good beer and equally passionate about my tattoos, but until recently, I never thought to combine the two. A great way to explore tattoo ideas is on I search there often to find inspiration when I get the itch for more ink. And, I couldn’t believe how many craft beer inspired themes I found. So many that I decided to create a Pinterest Board and blog post dedicated to just that. View My Pinterest Board for these ideas and more.

So in my opinion, these are the real diehards. You just don’t get any more exposed than having a badass tattoo on your hands in full view. Plus, getting inked on the fingers/knuckles isn’t exactly a feel-good experience. But totally worth the pain!

Craft Beer Knuckle Tattoos
Left Tattoo Source | Right Tattoo Source

If I didn’t already have a foot piece, I’d consider the hops ankle tattoo, below, by Joe Friedman of Lark Tattoo. In general, all of his work I previewed is amazing.

Hops Ankle Tattoo by Joe Friedman
Hops Ankle Tattoo by Joe Friedman of Lark Tattoo

Full of organic curves and complex texture, the hops theme is probably the one I’m drawn to the most. But it’s only successful if you have a great tattoo artist who can execute the hops so it looks real and anatomically correct. In my searches, I’ve seen some pretty hideous renditions but the examples shown here are simply exquisite.

Hops Tattoos
Top Row: Left Source | Middle Source | Right Source 
Bottom Row: Source

Nothing shows that you love a good brew more than a pint of beer forever inked on your skin. These fit well on the upper arm or back of the calf because of the natural curvature your body has in those areas. Makes the glass look round and more real.

Beer Pints Tattoos
Left Source | Right Source

So many good brews, so little skin to put them all on. Some folks are passionate about a particular brewery or beer and opt to let the world know.

Brand Centric Beer Tattoos
Left Source | Middle Source | Right Source

The one-of-a-kind piece that carries the most meaning is artwork done just for you that combines several elements in a collage of sorts. I fell in love with a particular beer inspired design that I came across on Instagram posted by Joel Kennedy. Julie (Joel’s wife & stellar artist) designed the tattoo based off of the brand identity she created for his podcast website: Craft Beer Compass. Joel then had Nina, a uber talented tattoo artist from Moving Shadow Ink in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, bring the design to life. Super cool!

Custom Beer Themed Tattoo
Joel Kennedy of Craft Beer Compass. Tattoo By: Nina of Moving Shadow Ink in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In all, lots of options for folks who want craft beer inspired tattoos. It’s best to research online to see what you like and take those photos to your trusted tattoo artist for consultation and custom drawings.


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