Converting My Husband to the World of Craft Beer

April and Husband

Mother’s Day weekend for me included gardening, a little league game, and watching the Stanley Cup playoffs. The highlight of my weekend though was converting my husband. He’s not much of a craft beer man, or so he thinks. He dabbles a bit and occasionally says “It’s okay”; it’s never been for him though. Trying to get someone to like the same things you like is hard, especially if you live in the same house. Trying to convince that person spending a good deal of money on beer is a good idea, is even harder.

“Try it. You’ll like it” I say. Well the last time I checked his name wasn’t Mikey. Turns out I was going about it all wrong, the conversion that is. My expectation was for him to enjoy my style of beer; IPA’s, Pale Ales, anything with that bitter, piney, citrusy, yummy goodness flavor, but of course that’s not for everyone. With the vast and ever so growing combinations and flavors of beer, I knew we could find his style. So to my surprise, after the little league game (which we won!) when I suggested we stop and get a sample pack to drink, he said okay. What?!?! At the store he chose a few selections and so did I, then headed home to get our taste testing on.

saugatuck bonfire brown

Selection #1 – AleSmith Brewing Nut Brown English Style-Ale (San Diego, CA) ABV 5% IBU 17

We both agreed it was light on the tongue, smooth feel, nutty with tastes of coco and subtle hints of coffee, virtually no aftertaste; 4 Stars. I was quite proud of my husband for his descriptive words and detection of flavors. Maybe he knows more than I think he does.

Selection #2 – Saugatuck Brewing Bonfire Brown (Douglas, MI) ABV 5.5% IBU 20

Me: Literally no smell, creamy, slightly smoky, lingering taste of coffee. The lingering taste of coffee was nice.

Him: “No smell. It’s ok (there’s that word again) but I prefer the AleSmith” He did not like the lingering coffee taste.

Saugatuck Brewing was recently in the media for slamming A-B regarding Budweiser’s name change. During the summer months Budweiser will be re-branded as “America.” Saugatuck stated they would produce a beer as well, named ‘Murica. Obviously a joke. Check out the article.

north high jalalima

Selection #3 North High Brewing Jalalima Jalapeno Lime Ale (Columbus, OH) ABV 5.9% IBU 16

Me: I believe this is the first time the Jalapeno Lime Ale has been canned. I’ve tried it on tap but this time around I’m not feeling it. The taste of jalapeno is too predominate but not overly spicy. The jalapeno lingers in the nose and mouth long after you finish. Definitely one and done with this selection. That being said, if you ever have a chance to try anything from North High Brewing, I highly recommend it. Their IPA is possibly the best around and it’s always my go to beer.

Him: “Oh God no, made my nose flare!” Well, at least he tried it.

I was pleased with the outcome of the night. That’s something we have never done. Did I convert him completely? Probably not but I believe he is on the right path. Maybe you’ve tried to convert a loved one or a friend. Don’t be too hard on them if they haven’t come around. They just need to find their preferred taste. Not all styles are dark, heavy, full of hops or bitter, which quite a few believe that’s how all craft beers taste. It’s up to us to change their mind.

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