Collusion Tapworks Dole – #30beersfor30years

30 beers for 30 years

Friday night I found myself doing work work work work work trying to get Harrisburg Beer Week events approved and ready. I don’t think I’ve ever done work on purpose on a Friday night, so if I have to do it, I’m obviously headed to a bar. I joined a fellow beer week worker at a new spot in Harrisburg, JB Lovedrafts, and scoured the beer list. I was looking for something new and fun with a high ABV to take the edge off of working on a Friday night and found exactly what I needed in a beer from Collusion Tapworks.

A newer bar, a new brewery, it was a fun exploration! I ordered Dole, a 10% Berliner Weisse, and took a chance on something new. I am happy to report that this beer was AH-MAZING. I know, a 10% Berliner isn’t anywhere close to traditional, but sometimes you have to break tradition and create something entirely new and delicious in the beer world.

The beer is described as an Imperial Cherry Berliner Weisse and you certainly get a lot of fruit flavor, but cherry wouldn’t be the first flavor I pick. An assortment of pineapple, mango, passionfruit, mango, and cherry hit you in the face at first sip, almost like a Hawaiian punch. In the finish you’ll find a bit of tart dry flavor. I think I told everyone at least 10 times how delicious this beer is and how amazed I was at how fresh and juicy the fruit flavors are throughout. I really hope I encounter this beer again – I could see myself downing entirely too many of these at any occasion.

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