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Lately podcasts have become a part of my daily listening. I love to listen to all kinds from news, current events, and now of course craft beer. With the growth of craft beer in Charlotte there is one podcast I do not miss: Cheers Charlotte. Jay, Cesar, and Ford focus on the local craft beer scene in town as well as touching on the national news. I was lucky enough to go on the show when I first started Charlotte Girls Pint Out and it was a wonderful experience. I had never done anything like that and trust me I was a nervous wreck.

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Me on Cheers Charlotte.

Recently I reached out to Jay Brown to ask him a few rapid fire questions about Charlotte and craft beer. He was gracious enough to answer me back.


How did you, Cesar, and Ford start Cheers Charlotte?

Cheers Charlotte started when I met Cesar and he was a part of another podcast. We decided to start our own and needed a third member, so Cesar brought on Ford who has been a part of Charlotte’s craft beer scene since the beginning.

Tell someone not from Charlotte why should they listen to the Cheers Charlotte podcast?

If you are not  from Charlotte and maybe just moved here or will be visiting, Cheers Charlotte is a great place to find out what’s happening that particular week in the city or to just get an idea of the news and happenings from around the area.

Where do you see Charlotte craft beer in 3 years and do you think that we will hit our bubble at that time?

I think we will see some larger breweries coming to the area. Southern Tier and Victory have already announced a shared production facility in Charlotte so I think we will see more of that.

I don’t see a bubble popping anytime soon. As long as everyone is making good beer there will be plenty of room for everyone to co-exist.

What craft beer was your “gateway” beer?

If I go way back to my pre-21 days JW Dundees Honey Brown or Killians Irish Red were the first beers I remember drinking that really had some decent flavor to them. Post-21 it was Rogue Dead Guy Ale that really got me into craft beer. My first sip of that and I was hooked. Tasted like candy to me.

What local beer are you loving right now and why? And from what brewery?

My favorite local beer is always hard to pin down. It’s usually the one I have in my hand at the time, but Juicy Jay from Legion Brewing has been at the top of the list for IPA since they started a few months ago. It’s a Northeastern style IPA that is big and juicy, almost like you are drinking a glass of orange juice.

After reading the answers that Jay sent me I total agree with his ideas of where Charlotte will be. Charlotte’s craft beer scene is not just about Sundays at the brewery, but about the people who are creating unique and very tasty beers. I see this town truly becoming a destination for beer lovers.

My thanks to Jay Brown of Cheers Charlotte for taking the time to answer my questions.


The details on Cheers Charlotte:

Listen to Cheers Charlotte on iTunes and

or leave the guys a message at (515) 4WE-BREW and tell them what you are drinking, brewing, or what brewery is piquing your interest.

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