Checking Out of Checking In

I love October. How could a girl who dresses like a shark and batman on a regular basis not like the holiday where it encourages others to dress up too? And, it’s no secret that I also love beer. At the beginning of this month I had all sorts of grand plans to write about my pumpkin beer taste off, Oktoberfest, the best beers to have on hand in case of a zombie apocalypse, or a million other fun ideas to share with you dear readers.

However that didn’t happen. What did happen was life. School work, work work, pressing personal matters pressing down on me. It was a scary month, and not in a good Halloween kind of way.

Close friends and confidants still kept in contact, however the rest of the world seemed to slip away, no more Instagram, Facebook, Untapped etc. and just as the fog was lifting and I was about to come out of my shell, I got an email from a friend, “ I am leaving (undisclosed social network) and Untappd. I just wanted you to know.” And then, a few days later, a similar email from someone else: “I realized I was just using social network X and Y to check in to my beer and it was taking so much time taking pictures, answering comments, etc. I just want to enjoy beer. The way used to do. It used to relax me.”

A part of me was sad. I realized how much I will miss those interactions, but a part of me understood. They weren’t leaving my life, just withdrawing the daily screen’s eye view of them. How could I blame them? In the past month I never stopped my enjoyment of beer, however, my stressful schedule made it nearly impossible for me to share my enjoyment across my social networks as I usually do. Had I checked in, I would most likely be nearing the home stretch on 1000 beers on Untappd, a goal I used to covet. Now, in the wake of all I have accomplished in other areas of my life this month, it seems to be not as important.

As things settle down, I am sure I will ramp up for more “social” interactions of the electronic kind. It’s fun. It feeds my creative side. I have met wonderful friends and had some amazing experiences in my virtual beer fueled world. However, my month of “electronic isolation” was a much needed break to focus on other areas of my life. I got a chance to step back in time, before apps and interwebs, to when I used to quietly enjoy my beer and the uninterrupted company of friends, instead of publicly celebrating each and every glass, as if it was a momentous occasion.

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it really make a sound? Yes, it does! And if a beer is consumed and not photographed, checked in or reviewed, does it really taste as good.? The answer my friends….is yes.

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  1. I was wondering where you’ve been, LOL. It is amazing how much social media can creep into your life. Recently at the Kennett Brewfest I made a decision to check in the first two beers I had and then ignore SM for the rest of the event. No more Untappd, no checkin on facebook, no tweets. It definitely made the event seem less “rushed” if that’s the proper word.

    • I know what you mean, sometimes I get so consumed with getting a great photo of the beer I forget to enjoy it. Nice to know I was missed though : )

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