Brewpub Review: Chatty Monks

Brewpub Review: Chatty Monks

A few weeks ago, the hubby and I headed up to Reading, PA for a friend’s wedding. We left a bit early to see if we could grab some food somewhere. After doing some Googling we ended up on Penn Avenue in West Reading which seems like the place to be! After a quick survey of all of the fine looking establishments we stumbled upon… Chatty Monks, a quaint little nanobrewery making some fine Belgian-style beers.

Brewpub Review: Chatty MonksWe ordered a sampler so I could get some tiny sips of each of their drafts, and so Michael could fully enjoy the experience (since he is drinking for 4 right now). All of the beers were tasty but I have to say that the hoppier selections were my favorite. I really enjoyed the Endoplasmic Reticulum IPA and the Fuggley English Bitter Ale.

In addition to the lovely atmosphere and tasty brews, Chatty Monks also offered some delicious food as well. The menu is small, but it was not difficult to find something that sounded yummy. I chose the Cheddar Bratwurst Soup (made with beer) and Hoppy French Friars (dusted with home-grown hops). I was not disappointed! It’s such a pleasant surprise to stumble upon such a cool little brewery. If you happen to find yourself in West Reading, PA we definitely recommend you stop into Chatty Monks!

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