The Cats of Craft Beer

pusheen fall

Craft beer and cats probably aren’t two things that you associate with one-another. Dogs seem to be the preferred pet of choice in the scene with dog named beers and breweries. When’s the last time you walked in a brewery and picked up collar with a bottle opener on it for your cat? You haven’t, because they don’t exist (please prove me wrong!), and they should. Beer cats are out there people! Does no one remember Monster, Brooklyn Brewery’s resident tour guide and host? He was beloved by so many, may he rest in peace.

Chelsie and I both have a beer kitties in our life. My lovely tortie-cat Simcoe is known to be a guest contributor by laying on my keyboard until she gets her way. Chelsie has Bella, Jasmine and Sophie, three little ladies who like to hang out in empty beer cases.

I took to Twitter one evening, a little grumpy about the lack of craft beer kitty gear and found even more hop kitties are out there. Tired Hands and Forgotten Boardwalk both hopped in too with great office kitties.

Do you have a hop kitty? A crafty little feline? Let us know, and we’ll add them to the post. CRAFT BEER CATS UNITE!

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