Calorie Counting and Craft Beer

It’s nearly the end of January and I have spent most of it snuggled up on the couch with my best boy, my cheesy buttery beer bread in one hand and a craft beer in the other. My New Years Resolution lingers in my brain and mocks me on the scale. Only down 2 pounds for this month and for those of you counting at home; that’s only a half a pound per week. Let’s face it, craft beer can be a calorie dense beverage and if you love your stouts like I do, there is always a danger of becoming…stout.

I absolutely HAVE to keep my eyes on the prize!

However, even in the dead of winter, I know that summer will eventually come and I have my eyes on the prize, this totally bodacious batgirl bikini, because what else for a battygirl like me?  So, I almost opted to shelve my craft beer temporarily to the proverbial cellar. I would rather drink water than an MGD 64, which technically might also be classified as water.

However, hearing my cry for help my “Super Girlfriend” Leah, swooped and rescued me from the depths of despair, and told me about the totally free app myfitnesspal. I key in my current stats: height, weight, etc. as well as my goal weight goal and it gives me a calorie target. Then all I do is point and shoot at bar codes and presto magic; it loads them into my iPhone and subtracts them from my daily total!

The barcodes even work on beer (clouds part and angels sing)! Although not every beer is represented, the app will find a similar style of beer and guesstimate a calorie count. You can also key in food and beverages, so the whole process becomes completely portable to your local pub (although there is an online version for those of you who are unable to use mobile apps).

The best part is, if I want a little more calories for the day, I can add in exercise (like maybe a walk around the block?) and the “myfitnesspal” app will re-adjust my daily target.

Now I can have my craft beer and drink it too (and so can you)!

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