Brews We Love: Great Lakes Brewing Chillwave

Igreat lakes chillwave labelt’s all aboard the IPA train for us these days. Of course we’ll always be partial to stouts, but there have been some really delicious IPAs and DIPAs making blips on our radar lately that just can’t be ignored. The next beer you need to add to your ‘must-drink’ list is Great Lakes Brewing‘s Chillwave.

So what makes this beer so special? Chelsie says “it’s a really smooth, well-perfected DIPA. It rivals some of the best in the country including hyped selections from Vermont and the West Coast.” Not convinced? Our friends at Beer Geek Nation have said it could be the best beer of 2014 and in discussions with us have described it as The New Hopslam. Why are we all raving about this beer? BECAUSE IT’S DAMN GOOD THAT’S WHY! 

If you answer yes to the following questions in order, this beer is right for you: Do you like craft beer? Do you like delicious craft beer? Do you like DIPAs? Do you like tasty DIPAs? Are you somewhere you can try Chillwave?….PROCEED!

chelsie chillwaveThe reasons that I personally love this beer revolve around the flavor and the flavor alone. A lot of DIPAs I’ve been literally stumbling across, because they’re high ABV and I’m probably tipsy, have too much malt flavor. I am extremely picky when it comes to pale ales, IPAs, and DIPAs. I don’t want malt. I repeat, I DON’T WANT MALT. I want citrusy hops, I want it to be juicy and crunchy and palpable, I want grassy flavors, and most of all I want it to taste straight up bad ass. The dankness. This is what I’m asking from a pale ale/IPA/DIPA and this is what Chillwave delivers. Delicious fruity citrus hop flavor in a 9.4% ABV format that really puts it on me in a way that I can’t deny.

So, if you find yourself at an establishment fine enough to be serving this beer do yourself a favor and have one. If you’ve already had one, share your thoughts on it in our comments section.

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