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snitz creek buildingI love to support breweries and beers from here with the drink local attitude. This state of mind brought me to the brand new Snitz Creek Brewing in Lebanon PA a few weeks ago. As with most brewery stories, the owners are home brewers turned pros just trying to share their craft with the whole world.

lauren making beerI originally met these guys at a brewfest back in 2012 when they were doing a home brewing demonstration. I remember asking them if they had plans to go pro, to which they said yes, but weren’t sure how soon or where they’d find the money. Typical answer I’m sure from those who are trying to follow their dream but at the same time make sure they have their ducks in a row. At the brewfest, my friend Lauren had the honor of doing one of their hop additions, and she also accompanied myself along with a group of our friends to the brewery opening weekend. Kinda funny how time flies and things come to be huh?

The brewery itself has a very rustic feel inside which fits with the area they are located. Lebanon is a more rural area sort of in between Harrisburg and Lancaster and is known for their PA Dutch and Amish roots. They adopted a fishing theme to all that they do, being avid fishermen themselves, and have fun beer names like Opening Day IPA (our favorite) and Brown Trout Stout (another favorite). They also serve food including their Baconjammer Burger which is topped with homemade bacon jam, a variety of grilled cheeses, and even a local favorite – the Lebanon bologna sandwich!

As of right now the brewery has 6 year round offerings on tap: Apple-Weisse Wheat, Brown Trout Stout, Explorer Ale, Woodland Warrior IPA, Opening Day IPA, and Wooly Bugger IPA. The best way to try them all of course is to get a sampler of 4 for $7. My recommendations: Apple-Weisee, Brown Trout, Woodland Warrior, and Opening Day.

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