Brewery at Hershey Mean Cup o’Stout Returns, Two New Brews Coming

Yesterday I had the chance to chat with brewer Ryan DeLutis about some new brews in the works for The Brewery at Hershey. The vineyard portion of the company will celebrate their third anniversary on February 7th (congrats!) and he has a few brews planned to help celebrate.

First, we will see the return of Mean Cup o’Stout. This coffee oatmeal stout is made with coffee from Lancaster’s Mean Cup. Mean Cup o’Stout is one of the brewery’s winter specialties along with Naughty and Spiced holiday ale.

Special brews for the anniversary celebration will be the yet un-named Chocolate Orange Stout and a Vermont-Style 2xIPA. Of the beers, DeLutis says:

The Vermont-style DIPA is the result of my trip to Vermont last fall, and tasting those beers while picking the brewer’s brains. Chocolate Orange Stout is a redo of a Christmas home brew I did 5 years ago. We’ll serve each pint with a wedge of Terry’s Chocolate Orange candy, which inspired the beer.

Be sure to head up for the anniversary party and try these limited-edition small-batch brews available only on February 7th.

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