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30 beers for 30 years

This past weekend a little impromptu beer share emerged in living room and it happened as quickly as it formed. You see, we obtained some of those elusive New England beers that everyone wants to try, so a few friends converged upon the house and we consumed them. While I could, and probably will write about those, I was more excited about a lesser known brewery that’s making big waves in my home state – The Brew Gentlemen.

brew gentlemen mammoth

Bearcat on Beer was out in Pittsburgh and stopped in to Brew Gentlemen to pick up some growlers of their finest to share with us Harrisburg folks. I found Mammoth on my table and quickly started digging in to this way to easy to drink DIPA. Brew Gentlemen opened in 2014 and is still a relatively unknown brewery to many, however, I don’t think this will be the case for much longer. I first tried their beers last year at CBC and was impressed with how delicious each of their offerings were. This beer is no different!

Mammoth is their winter seasonal. That’s right, their winter seasonal is a DIPA – not a spiced stout or a winter warmer, a DIPA. That’s what’s up. It found this beer to be incredible soft and smooth on the palate like drinking a cloud. It’s not fruity despite it’s tropical aroma, just a dank soft DIPA. We had no problem killing the growler in no time, and I find myself wishing for more.

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