Metal Music, Craft Beer, Fun: Brash Brewing Company

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Imagine a place where you can listen to heavy metal music on a jukebox, play those old school video games, and drink craft beer that is made on premise; if you can picture all of that, then you have just transported yourself to Brash Brewing Company in Houston, TX. It is true, all of these things exist under one brewery roof.

Upon moving to Houston, TX, I realized that I lived less than 10 minutes from one of the newest breweries in Houston. As if living close to a brewery wasn’t cool enough, throw in the old school video games and it felt like I just hit the craft beer lottery. When you walk into the open warehouse brewery, you can’t help but notice all of the video game units that surround the front of the facility. Between Super Mario Brothers, Pacman, BurgerTime, Donkey Kong, and Space Invaders, one is brought back to your childhood if you were born before 1990. Bonus: It’s a brewery too. Let’s just admit, we all love a good video game now and again and when you realize that almost all of the games are 25 cents, it’s even more of a rad spot to hang out.

BurgerTime..Transported back to the 1980s!
BurgerTime. You get transported back to the 1980s!

If you are a hop head or a lover of stouts, Brash has a multitude of beers for you to enjoy when visiting. The brewery is known for a somewhat controversial IPA, Pussy Wagon, that is named for a Tarantino reference. The Double IPA is around 8% and is full of citrus hop flavor. Pussy Wagon has hints of mango, grapefruit, and other citrus notes that make this DIPA a nice change from some of the sweeter ones on the market.


The other Brash beer worth mentioning is the newest stout from their brewery: Milk the Venom. This stout has a very strong roasted flavor that pours quite thick. The beer tastes of dark chocolate with a hint of chilis and finishes with just a hint of heat. The beer is around 10%, but the thickness of the beer with the chocolate helps to hide the booze. This beer has only been out for a few weeks, but is my favorite stout from Brash to date.

Brash is a great place for those looking for a brewery with a twist along a dash of heavy metal music. In one location, you can play video games, have a beer, and play your favorite Motorhead songs. Don’t forget to grab a crowler of your favorite beer on your way out and you’ll be all set.  If you find yourself in Houston, get over to “Brashland.”

Get yourself a crowler to go when leaving Brash Brewery!
Get yourself a crowler to go when leaving Brash Brewery!

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  1. Hey, I’m from West Texas, but I’ve been living in the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest since I was 9. I have worked in a winery a distillery and currently in a brewpub as a chef in all. I am here visiting family and found out about your’s my dream as I am sure it’s yours..sgt.D. Love it!!! Wondering if I could take a tour if possible and hang out. My brothers would be so jelous. Ain’t got much $$ left but probably enough. Not asking for a free be!! Just wanted to see other twisted minds in my dream and how they made it work for them…

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