Best Beers of 2017 – Sonora’s Picks

best beers of 2017 sonora

While many of us had a hard time selecting our favorites, Sonora had no trouble picking. Her selections were so precise, that she could narrow it down to three! Did your favorite make the list?

Starr Hill Brewing

Double Bass Chipotle Chocolate Stout (7.8% ABV)

Starr Hill released a Box of Chocolates this year, featuring three variants of their delicious Double Bass Chocolate Stout (read my full review here). I really liked the chipotle variant. It was a perfect blend of cocoa and spice, and excellent for the winter months ahead.

Alaskan Brewing

Smoked Porter (6.5% ABV)

This is cheating a little, as my first time trying this famed smoked porter meant trying a bottle I bought back in 2016. But this beer has earned its accolades. Wonderful smoke flavor combined with a rich, malty porter. More, please.

Devils Backbone Brewing Company

Earned Run Ale (ERA) Pale Ale (4.2% ABV)

This beer is brewed special for Nationals Park, and it’s delicious. I believe it’s coming to cans next year. If you see it, grab one – or better yet, come see the Nats play and get a pint on draft! (I’d be remiss, though, to not also recommend Atlas 1500 Capitol South Lager, also brewed for the Nats and brewed right in D.C.)

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