Bell’s Lager of the Lakes – #30beersfor30years

I’m only on day 5 and I’m already a beer behind!

Day 4 was Sunday Funday and all I wanted was a pile of mimosas. So, I had a pile of mimosas and we binge watched Arrested Development all day. It was day 4 and I had already failed, so I’ve given myself two days to get caught up. It’s now day 5 and I’m beat.

With the impeding birthday landmark age increase I have been trying to be ‘more adult’ and with this I want to take my career a little more seriously. So, I decided to take some courses, but the timing…well it’s at the same time that I’m gearing up for Harrisburg Beer Week intensity. It’s 9 pm and I just finished my meetings and then homework after work all day. My reward? A beer of course!

Bell's Lager of the Lakes

As I unwind and watch Frasier (fun fact, I watch Frasier on Netflix basically all the time) I just wanted a lighter beer to relax. There’s a pilsner in the back of the fridge, jackpot!

Bell’s Lager of the Lakes isn’t a beer I would normally order, and is then perfect for a review. By appearance, it looks like a ‘Lite Beer’, but the flavor offers depth of light biscuity malts and herbal hops? It’s easy to drink and refreshing after a long day.  The finish is a little bit bitter, but it needs that to remind you that it isn’t a ‘Lite Beer’; it’s a craft beer with specifically hand-selected ingredients. I could easily see this as a ‘conversion brew’ for those who just can’t give up frat beer. I’m cozy on the couch and crushing this beer. Monday be gone!

I have to get caught up, but I have to get sleep. Tomorrow, you’ll get two.

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