Bell’s Hopslam 2015 FAQ


It’s that time of year already…the return of Bell’s Brewing Hopslam! They just released all the deets on this year’s release as well as answers to some common questions about the limited 2xIPA. Check it out below, per their blog:

Q: Is there more this year?

A: We try to brew more every year, although it will still be limited.

Q: When/where will Hopslam be available?

A: As with all of our beers, that too will also depend on when our distributors from each area are able to pick it up at our brewery, then deliver it to its final destination. Hopslam will make its way to all states we currently distribute to including southern California (but only in Imperial and San Diego counties this year).

Here is how shipping schedules breakdown by state (please note, this is when shipping begins).
Week of Jan. 12: Michigan and Missouri
Week of Jan. 19: Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania and California
Week of Jan. 26: Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, Puerto Rico and Arizona
Week of Feb. 2: Minnesota, North Dakota and Indiana

Q: Will there be Hopslam mini-kegs?

A: Sorry, no mini-kegs this year.

Q: Can I buy a keg for my home bar/kegerator?

A: (Again) Sorry, no. As in past years, all kegs are reserved for bars and restaurants. We want to be able to spread as much of this beer to as many people as possible.

Q: Can I save or cellar this beer for later/when a friend from out of town visits/other special occasion?

A: There are some beers that we brew that are meant to be cellared, Expedition Stout and Third Coast Old Ale for instance. Hopslam is not one of those.

Hopslam is meant to be enjoyed as fresh as possible. Please drink it.

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