Beer Review: Stone Enjoy By 05.30.16 Tangerine IPA

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Photo courtesy Amanda

Amanda: If there’s one flavor profile I especially crave in my IPAs, it’s citrus. I love how citrus adds a brightness that balances the bitterness of other hops, so you can imagine my excitement when Stone Brewing announced a tangerine version of its Enjoy By IPA, which was brewed with more than 10 different hops and pureed tangerine for an extra citrus kick. With that tasty-sounding description, I couldn’t wait to give this beer a try.

Sonora: Each year seems to bring a wave of a certain style to the market en masse, and this year seems to be the year of fruit. Fruit beer is nothing new, of course; but many breweries are taking established beers in their catalogue and making them “new” with the addition of different fruit flavors. With this tidal wave of fruit smashing into our favorite brews, Amanda and I decided to choose one and give it a try. As we thought about which beer to choose, we saw that Stone Brewing’s next beloved Enjoy By IPA, to be enjoyed by May 30th, 2016, would include tangerine. I’ve actually never had an Enjoy By, so this appealed to me on both a fruit and IPA level. What did we think? See below!

Enjoy By Tangerine leaves a thick, light orange head that has major staying power with medium to large bubbles that stick around. The body is hazy and shows off a muted orange shade that reminds me of apricots. Because of the haze, the small bubbles that rush to the top are hard to see, but a close look reveals them.

Sonora: The beer pours with a burnt orange and golden hue, forming a lush white head as it settles. The beer is effervescent, bubbling to the top long after the pour is done. The head settles as the beer sits, leaving behind a lacy rim on top. It is filtered but not transparent, casting any image seen through it in amber.

Amanda: While I definitely can smell the citrus from the tangerine, I also get a lot of dank hops with hints of onion. This combination might sound weird, but it comes together nicely.

Sonora: The scent of tangerine is quite strong, like peeling one fresh. The aroma is more reminiscent of the rind than the fruit as a whole. You also get a hint of citrusy hops peeking through the citrus fruit.

Photo courtesy Sonora
Photo courtesy Sonora

Amanda: The tangerine is noticeable but subtle. I get a strong malt backbone with notes of caramel and sweet bread, and a slight bitterness from the earthy hops lingers at the end. The citrus, hops and sweet malt make for a well-balanced beer.

Sonora: The IPA flavor is much stronger than the tangerine flavor. You immediately get citrus and pine from the hops. As I sipped, I got more tangerine, but in the form of juice and pulp as opposed to the peel. It’s a delicate tangerine flavor, and as such, this would likely appeal more to IPA lovers than fruit beer lovers.

Amanda: Even for a double IPA, this beer is on the heavy side with medium carbonation. The finish is almost juicy rather than the typical dry finish that I expected. Of course, I like heavy-bodied beers, so I’m not complaining.

Sonora: The beer sips well. It’s thick without leaving too much stickiness on the palate, and is refreshing for the warm weather of May. I’m not sure if I would have this later in the summer, but fortunately, the Enjoy By date wouldn’t allow this anyway!

Amanda: Consider me a fan. Although the tangerine isn’t as forward as I expected, I love how everything comes together in this beer. I’d happily order Enjoy By Tangerine again, and given how many options are on the market these days, I consider reorders as a mark of a delicious beer. In case you’re interested in expanding your love for fruity IPAs, allow me to recommend Ska Brewing Modus Mandarina IPA and Odell Brewing Company Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPA. Cheers!

Sonora: This is a very tasty IPA, one that isn’t overwhelming with the fruit flavor. It tastes like they used real tangerines, which is always a bonus, as some fruit beers taste more like artificial candy than actual fruit. If you are a fan of citrus-forward IPAs, I would recommend this one. If you are looking for an IPA that is more fruit-forward, you can’t go wrong with one of my favorite styles, the blood orange IPA – my personal favorites include Flying Dog Bloodline and Elysian Superfuzz. Happy drinking!


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