Mother/Daughter Beer Review: Starr Hill Box of Chocolates

sonora and becky drinking chipotle double bass
Me and Mom enjoying Starr Hill Double Bass: Chipotle

A couple years ago, my beer-lovin’ mom joined me to review some springtime samples from Starr Hill Brewing. She’s back for the holiday season, here to help me review the latest samples that Starr Hill was kind enough to send us: one bottle each from their Box of Chocolates variety pack. The pack starts with their Double Bass Chocolate Stout (which I originally reviewed with Chelsie), then offers three variants: Peppermint, Mocha, and Chipotle. Read on to see what we both thought!

starr hill double bass chocolate stout

Double Bass Chocolate Stout

Sonora: still a winner. This has a nice chocolate taste without being too sweet or sticky. A good sipper, especially for a winter beer. I put this up there with classics like Young’s Chocolate Stout. 4.5/5

Becky (Sonora’s Mom): full-bodied and smooth — the chocolate really came through. 3.75/5

double bass peppermint

Double Bass: Peppermint

Sonora: refreshing – it tastes like a thin mint. The peppermint isn’t too powerful, though the beer itself is a little rich and thick. Perfect for Christmas, though. 4/5

Becky: refreshing on the nose, and mint delivers on the tongue. It tastes like a liquid Andes candy. It’s a slow sipper, and I could only drink half a bottle, even if I wasn’t sharing it with Sonora. 3/5

double bass mocha

Double Bass: Mocha

Sonora: this was my favorite of the variants. It has a surprising amount of coffee, as the coffee scent is lacking. The coffee flavor balances well with the cocoa, though, bringing the chocolate flavor out more than in the regular double bass. It’s smooth and tasty. 4.5/5

Becky: comparable to a cafe supreme. Excellent — has a “true” buzz. Also my favorite in the pack. 4.5/5

double bass chipotle

Double Bass: Chipotle

Sonora: this is nice and savory. It tastes more like mole than spicy hot chocolate, which is a welcome change of pace. It has a slow burn heat that settles in you as opposed to walloping your tongue. 4.25/5

Becky: I wasn’t a fan of this one. It as a smoky kick on the swallow, but the finish lands flat. 2.75/5

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