Beer Me – Choose Your Own Adventure


choose your ownWhen I was a kid I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books. I used to check them out at the school library like it was my job, and really at that age it really  is your job. I used to hold on to the page I just made a choice on just to make sure it wasn’t the wrong one that ended in my demise and flip back if it did and try again. If only real life was that simple.

I was delighted to find out recently that Betty Crocker is a craft beer lover! On their site I found all sorts of delightful information from videos to advice on hosting a beer tasting party. Way to go Betty!

So how do Choose Your Own Adventure books, Betty Crocker, and beer come together? In this awesome infographic-esque image on Miss Crocker’s site. Choose Your Own Beer Adventure!!!! Day = made! This is a pretty neat chart to help you decide what you want to drink, especially for people just getting into craft beer.



Want a closer look? Check it out over here at Betty’s site: Beer Me – Choose Your Own Adventure – Betty Crocker.


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