Beer Floats

Beers can be used as a dessert alone, due to great flavorings such as chocolate, vanilla, and even creme brulee. Beers being added to a dessert, besides cupcakes, is a concept I wasn’t very familiar with, however after a visit to Troegs Brewing Company, I discovered an idea that I had previously shunned: beer floats.

For most of my life, the thought of consuming an alcoholic beverage at the same times as something milk-based sounded like a recipe for disaster. First of all, I love milk. The morning after a long night of drinking, lots of cold milk always makes me feel better. I once drank about 5 or 6 little cartons of milk at continental breakfast after a wild night in Philadelphia. I can’t risk ruining milk in my mind. Second, beer + milk = throwing up right? All that lactose creaminess in there curdling after a splash of beer. It just sounds like the worst possible idea.

Then, I saw this in front of me one afternoon:

beer float

One pint of Troeg’s Scratch#54 Cocoa Porter + 2 scoops local organic vanilla ice cream = beergasm! It started off separated, but when a glob of ice cream was scooped up by my spoon it produced a perfectly balanced blend of chocolate, vanilla, and creaminess. The best part was as I drank it, the ice cream and beer began to mix together to create the ultimate chocolate milkshake. No sick feeling, nothing strange, and milk is still my favorite. All was right in the world.

A few weeks later, I found myself at Troegs again and craving a little ice cream fix. This time I tried the ice cream with their Java Head Stout, a stout brewed with espresso and coffee beans from St. Thomas Roasters in Harrisburg, PA. I love iced coffee, and this beer with the scoops of ice cream became the most amazing iced coffee flavor yet. Once again, still no sick feeling, no weirdness, and most importantly my precious milk is still my favorite beverage.

After finding that mixing two of my favorite things, I can’t wait to try this out with other beers on my own. Next up, I think I’ll see how Southern Tier Choklat (the love of my life) mixes with a bit of ice cream and possibly a splash of Lindeman’s Framboise. The combinations are truly endless!

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