Beer Fest Fashion – 3 Simple Tips

Every week leading into a beer fest or beer event I have two things on my mind: How will I paint my nails, and what will I wear? Yes, I’m serious. Recently Chelsie collected beer fest clothing trends, and to continue the series I’ve got a few simple tips to guide you through your closet.

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I know I’m not the only one concerned about what to wear, but there’s more to consider than just being fashionable. Functionality at any event is always key, but isn’t it great to be able to do both? I’ve got a few tips to consider when attending a brew fest, whether it’s your first time or your fifty-first time.

Take a decent purse. While I love trying to take the smallest bag possible, sometimes this just isn’t going to work. For brew fests, most think to just throw their ID and some cash in a pocket and let’s rock, but what are you going to do with the swag you collect? My laptop is covered in stickers and my bar topped with coasters – the majority of which I have snagged at brew fests. Plus, there are things to consider like your lip gloss, maybe a camera, a phone, keys, etc. I highly recommend rocking a thin cross body bag. This will keep your hands free to hold your glass and check in those beers on Untappd, stay out of the way (which is key at a crowded fest), and hold all the goodies you grab.

Splurge: Fossil Explorer Mini Bag $85, Save: Xhileration Crossbody at Target $19.99

Wear comfortable shoes. I’m all about wearing heels, but a brew fest is no place for them. They’re often crowded, sometimes outside (uneven terrain) and you’re imbibing — don’t make it even harder on yourself to function by not wearing decent shoes. Think cute flats or sandals. If you’re feeling daring, maybe even wedge sandals, but only if they’re comfortable.

Flats – Splurge: Toms in every color $54-79. Save: Charlotte Russe Tribal Print Pointy Toe Flats $24.50.

Sandals – Splurge: Seychelles Down Home Flat $59.95 Save: Madden Girl Knots Gladiator Sandal $24.95.

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Dress like yourself. When I go to brew fests I like to wear dresses in fact I’ve got designated “drinking dresses” that I have found to be comfortable and cute for festivals and events. I recommend lightweight knits and cotton dresses for the summer that aren’t too restrictive (see: beer bloat) and don’t allow for wardrobe malfunction (see: drunk people and crowds). Not everyone is into wearing dresses, and that’s okay. At brew fests you’ll likely find yourself in a sea of t-shirted people and there’s nothing wrong with that either. Just do you. Much like the shoes situation, think about the functionality and comfort of what you’re wearing.

Drinking dress – Splurge: Stripe Boyfriend Shirt Dress $69.95 Save: Island Woven Surplice Dress $17.80.

Fun beer t-shirts: Drink Beer from Here $18, Ladies IPA Info Shirt $25, Women Enjoying Beer V Neck $20.

Of course, there are other ways to dress-the-look at beer fests:

  • Brewelry. bottle cap earrings and hop necklaces are cute add-ons to whatever outfit you’re wearing.
  • Nail art. I always have a great manicure for beer fests. Get inspired by Nails and Ales.
  • Oskar Blues Can Necklaces. Go to a brew fest where Oskar Blues is pouring. Leave with a ridiculous beer can necklace. Trust me it’s fun.

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4 Comments on Beer Fest Fashion – 3 Simple Tips

  1. And dress light! Especially indoor brew fests because there isn’t a lot of air circulation through the masses of beer people. I live in Arizona, so dressing light is a survival tool :)

  2. Not surprised that my Instagram beer aficionado buddy would be the only person to outrank my blog for “what to wear to a beer fest” query! Love the post 🙂

  3. So right on!! I have a “festival” crossbody bag that is a must. And being comfy is imperative! Also keep in mind most beer fests use port-o-potties… not the easiest places to arrange wardrobe. I also wear my hop earrings that I made myself out of real hop cones I swiped from my next door neighbor’s hop plant. I always get comments!

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