Beer Fest Clothing Trends

I’ve been attending craft beer festivals for many years now and I must say that part of the fun is checking out what people are wearing. The attire ranges from full-blown themed costumes to creative accessories. Even hilarious or clever beer related t-shirts can be seen. It’s all about showing your personality and celebrating diversity. Here are some of the trends I’ve been observing as of late.

This has to be my favorite accessory at the moment. It’s fun. It’s colorful. And it’s interesting. I’m thinking this might have taken over the beer goggle craze that was prevalent back in 2012.

Hop Hats Are It P1070309b


No more worrying about dropping and breaking your glass as you’re trying to eat, pick up freebies from brewery stands, etc. Just put your glass in the nifty holder that you wear around your neck. Uber-smart.


By the way, if you DO break your glass, everyone at the festival will erupt into a collective loud cheer letting everyone know exactly what you just did. Fun for the crowd. Not fun for the “glass breaking festival goer.”

The beer glass lanyard seems to have replaced the pretzel necklaces people used to wear. I haven’t seen those in quite some time. Never saw a pretzel necklace? Check out these styles.

This is a good way to be casual and comfortable while showing everyone which breweries or beers you love. Styles can be bold or subtle so you can pick your level of self-expression.

P1070310 P1070323b

I don’t see this one every festival but it does pop up from time to time. Some folks appreciate the old-time roots of the beer fest and pay tribute to it by dressing in a Celtic style.


I LOVE THESE! I literally search out people wearing these types of shirts. Each shows the humor and personality of the wearer. Most are just down right funny like the gray and black shirt below that says, “Cenosillicaphobia. The fear of an empty glass.”

P1070307b P1070305b

P1070321b P1070303b

Not everyone wears over-the-top clothing at a beer fest and that’s perfectly fine. There is so much diversity at this type of event. Most dress like themselves while keeping comfort in mind. After all, you will be standing for several hours, so flats or sneakers are ideal.

Tierney Pomone (left), Sara Bozich (center) and Chelsie Markel (right).
Tierney Pomone (left), Sara Bozich (center) and Chelsie Markel (right).

Above, Tierney and Sara are wearing casual shirts with cross body bags to keep all of their festival freebies in. You do accumulate lots of flyers, bottle openers, magnets, etc. Plus, it’s a hands-free way to take along your phones and personal items.

For me, I went with a super soft sweater with a heart pattern (You could say “I ♥ Beer!”), stretchy skinny jeans and taupe combat boots. You’ll never catch me in heels at a beer fest. Well, unless they’re strappy wedges. But that’s the exception to the rule.

Bottom Line: There’s no right or wrong style for attending a craft beer festival. Just be yourself and wear what is going to make you happy!

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