Beaches and Brews

Summers are made for sand, sun, surf…and suds am I right? Fun in the sun
usually means time spent at a beach, lake or pool. As the temperatures heat up, here are a few ways to be a craft beer cutie and keep the beer flowing.

Sharks at the beach are not always a welcome sight, unless it happens to be this fun, functional necklace.

shark necklace

If you are not opposed to the possibility of a little sand in your beer…(or worse) this flip flop bottle top opener could be just the thing for you.

bottle opener flip flops

You can have it made in the shade with these cool bottle cap opening shades


And the best for last…

Bottle Betty Bikini Bottle opener. Definitely the sexiest way to pop your top. Drink you heart out boys.

bottle betty bikini opener

What are your favorite summer beer drinking accessories?

5 Comments on Beaches and Brews

  1. Not that I’d ever wear one, but I’m kinda into that swimsuit opener.
    (shifty eyes)

    All kidding aside, I really like my Be Open popper that someone (shifty eyes) recommended to me. I used it so much I broke it, but I was able to Crazy Glue it back together and have had no problems since! Have you’ll used that stuff? It’s crazy!

    • I am an expert at crazy gluing my fingers together….Im not sure that makes me talented enough to open a bottle with a bathing suit top.

  2. I love my Mick Fanning Reef flip flops. I have about 5 different pair. I don’t usually use the opener though…

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