April’s Top 4 Beers of 2016

Welcome to 2017! Before we start digging into the New Year’s new beers, we wanted to share some of our favorites from 2016 with you. Cheers!

And the winner is Wicked Weed’s Pernicious. While visiting family in North Carolina I was able to try a few beers from Wicked Weed, out of Asheville, NC. Pernicious India Pale Ale has blown any IPA I previously consumed and future consumption out of the water. A blurb from the Wicked Weed website about pernicious “….This beer is harmful, …ruins your expectations of all other IPAs,….you’ll never look at another IPA the same again. The harm is done.” No truer words have ever been spoken. Currently this beer is not supplied in Ohio. Insert sad face.

I’m not too upset because there have been plenty of other beers this year that have made by list:

North High’s Tree Tapper Maple Brown Ale from Columbus, Ohio.  The syrup they use is Ohio made, and has a rich nutty flavor.

Sweetwater’s Goin’ Coastal was something I drank plenty of over the summer. A refreshing IPA made with pineapple, and enjoyable on those hot sultry nights. Oh how I miss summer.

Wake Up Porter by Birdsong Brewing Co., another North Carolina brewery. This was a gift from fellow blogger Amanda W. Smooth, tastes like coffee and vanilla beans. Makes you want to wake up and start drinking.

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  1. I used to think Wicked Weed Freak of Nature was better but after drinking them a bunch I think Pernicious is a lot better. Amazing IPA. Both are awesome though!

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